Returns and Sends signal crossover

Got a weird issue where signal is coming out of an OUT that shouldn’t be.

Any signal going to a SEND while an instrument is plugged into a RET and being sent to OUT 3 or 4, also comes out of the OUT. The signal comes out at a lower volume, is subjected to whatever effects are in the RET - to - OUT path and only comes out when the instrument’s volume knob is up, so the instrument has to also be sending a signal to the QC.

As an example, here is a photo of a setup using the first factory preset on the QC - the input is changed to RET 1 and output changed to OUT 3 on line 1. I also have a phone connected to IN 1/2 and on line 2 the input is set to IN 1/2 and being sent to SEND 1; the phone is playing a metronome sound. When I turn the volume up on the guitar, the metronome also comes out of the OUT 3.

Isn’t the signal you’re sending to Send 1 looping into Return 1 (thus coming out of Out 3)
That’s what I see happening when I recreate your scheme.
What are you trying to achieve?

It does seem like it’s looping through the return path.

I’ve got a pretty complex, full band setup which works perfectly except for this weird signal looping. The bass is in Ret 1 going to Out 3 and a click track for the drummer from USB 5 to Send 1. The click track comes out of the bass players Out 3, but only when bass volume knob is turned up.

Please don’t confuse this complicated setup with the issue that’s happening though - I’ve simplified it to demonstrate because Neural support want to blame my setup, but it’s also happening on the factory presets with the I/Os changed.

Does it do the same thing if you use an fx loop block in the 2nd Lane to send the click out instead of the output block?

I can try it tonight when I get home, thanks for the suggestion.

I’m getting weird results when I try it on mine.
The bleed is usually very low-level, the input noise gate will silence it. Curious to see what you find

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YES! Oh my god, thank you! This is exactly what happens with mine.

Are you on the latest firmware? I’m like 50/50 confident that it only started happening after updating the firmware.

Yes, I’m up to date

Someone I know who has a QC with older firmware tried it and he doesn’t have the issue - looks like the latest firmware could be an issue.

Which is interesting because I noticed another post here about someone having Ret/Send issues after updating their firmware to the latest release.

Edit: found the other thread that talked about Send issues after the update - not exactly the same issue but still an issue related to Sends after the recent update Send/Return

Update: the signal bleed happens with any signal sent to Out 3 or 4, or Send 1or 2 whenever an instrument is plugged into Ret 1 or 2.