Continuing the discussion from Quad Cortex isn't working as an audio interface:

Important: If you are using your QC as your AI, be sure to select USB 3/4 as your outs on your preset of choice.
Someone needs to do an ’ Everything you need to know about using your QC as your interface’

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Not sure why it was necessary to post this. As with all things, RTFM.


‘multi-out’ works fine too.

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The reason for the post is that the manual doesn’t cover all of the little gray areas that can occur that aren’t as cut and dry.

I thought that I could leave it set to multi, my preset outs, but in my experience, after playing back a very weak signal guitar track, it was cleared up instantly. Once I said it to USB 3/4. I will go back and check and see if maybe it was due to some other routing. What I have noticed initially was that my signal coming into able to live, what is it about -24 to -30, and there was no way for me to raise the signal input into the channel. Again, once I set my outs from multi to USB 3/4, the problem was remedied.

There definitely are areas the manual misses. A user-maintained wiki is in the works and something like in-depth interface troubleshooting would be a good topic for it.

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This sounds like unexpected behavior to me. Have you brought this up to support?