For acoustic guitar i have been using a Grace Design Alix pre amp with the input socket going to the QC send/return to use EQ and reverb. The input block was set to return 1 and the output set to send 1. Was working fine. I have done nothing except apply the recent update and now i get no sound from the PA when trying to use the send/return. Did anything change in that update related to the send/return?

Hi @martindavidson261170 , sorry to hear you are having issues with your send/return etc.
For future reference, the firmware release notes indicate what has been updated and can be found here:

This past update was for general bug fixes and S/R wasn’t listed within the release notes therefore I would say no changes have been made in that area. I would check your cabling and splitter/mixer settings (if used) as that is the primary areas where problems are found. Also review the I/O page for settings that may have changed. I personally use my send/returns frequently and have not noticed any changes currently.

If you are unable to determine the cause of your issue, please email and they can work with you to resolve your issues.

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