Red error message on boot. No audio output

When I boot the Quad Cortex I am getting this message .
"Something went wrong. Your Quad Cortex experienced an unexpected problem. If you continue to experience this, please send a crash report to us to diagnose the issue

It keeps coming on. No output shown or heard on meters or on any of the outputs and inputs, including headphones. All my presets were gone the first time then I reloaded them and they are back. I sent a report to support but was checking if anyone else had this issue for a resolution.

Thanks, Jim

Hi, please contact support at

Good luck!

Thanks for your response. I did.

Are you with support by chance?

Have you tried recovery mode? Hopefully you have a backup already. Instructions here:

Thanks, yes. I have to return the unit.

Not directly, but as a mod I help to guide folks there when they need help. Good luck with your swap!