Quad Cortex - persistently crashing

Hello Quad Cortex Universe,

Been enjoying my QC since about October 1. For the last week I’ve been hard pressed to move past the stock patch 11B Stereo Lead. It’s very tasty

Last couple of times I played, the unit got fuzzy/Staticy (in a bad way) right before I shut it down for the night. This time it happened in the middle of my playing. I hit reboot, and the unit came back on with no audio in the right channel. A hard reset (power down, then up) and the unit forgot what preset I was on and defaulted to 1A. Stomping the ‘up’ button to get back to 11B and bam - the unit tells me “Something went wrong”

I can repeat this over and over. Power it down, browse banks, crash. Over and over.

Unit tells me I’m on the latest firmware.

Side note, the whole hum issue when using headphones only is - well - lame. If I have to plug in an XLR to properly ground things so be it, but this crashing business is a deal breaker

Thoughts? Thanks in advance

@hyperbolicfiend - Hey! Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Please send us an email at support@neuraldsp.com so we can troubleshoot.