Recovery Mode - factory reset

The recovery procedure has been posted elsewhere but it deserves its own topic and the full text from the manual describing the options that pop up on the recovery screen. Not that I have had to use it, but I thought posting the procedure for forcing a factory reset (recovery) here might be useful to someone in the future if they can remember to search for “Recovery”.

You might use this after a catastrophic crash where your QC is not performing properly. This procedure is straight from the 1.4 manual. Good to know how to force a factory reset in a pinch. I believe this retains your current firmware version but forces a factory reset up to and including deleting all user data.

Using the ‘FACTORY RESET’ option will erase all user data (Presets, captures, etc.) so be careful pressing that option! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP FIRST!

Recovery Mode
**Press and hold the A and H footswitches the first 6 seconds of the **
splash screen while booting to initiate the Recovery Mode

CANCEL: Tap to close the Recovery Options window. Quad Cortex
will boot up.

RESET SETTINGS: Tap to restore Quad Cortex to its default settings.
User data (Preset, Captures, etc) will not be removed.

FACTORY RESET: Tap to remove all user data. Quad Cortex will be
restored to factory settings.

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Thanks for posting this! It’s a good sticky!

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At the beginning I had to use it several times.