Recovery Mode - factory reset

The recovery procedure has been posted elsewhere but it deserves its own topic and the full text from the manual describing the options that pop up on the recovery screen. Not that I have had to use it, but I thought posting the procedure for forcing a factory reset (recovery) here might be useful to someone in the future if they can remember to search for “Recovery”.

You might use this after a catastrophic crash where your QC is not performing properly. This procedure is straight from the 1.4 manual. Good to know how to force a factory reset in a pinch. I believe this retains your current firmware version but forces a factory reset up to and including deleting all user data.

Using the ‘FACTORY RESET’ option will erase all user data (Presets, captures, etc.) so be careful pressing that option! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP FIRST!

Recovery Mode
**Press and hold the A and H footswitches the first 6 seconds of the **
splash screen while booting to initiate the Recovery Mode

CANCEL: Tap to close the Recovery Options window. Quad Cortex
will boot up.

RESET SETTINGS: Tap to restore Quad Cortex to its default settings.
User data (Preset, Captures, etc) will not be removed.

FACTORY RESET: Tap to remove all user data. Quad Cortex will be
restored to factory settings.

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Thanks for posting this! It’s a good sticky!

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At the beginning I had to use it several times.

Is there a process for reloading the firmware if you already have the most recent version? My QC locked up during the 2.0.0 update and had to be restarted. Now all of the factory captures are corrupted or missing and a factory reset does not fix it.

I believe the recovery process detailed in my initial post should work, even if you are on the latest firmware. Also, have you tried restoring your presets from the cloud backup? That is another option.

Doing a factory reset doesn’t fix the corrupted captures. I believe my firmware was corrupted when the QC locked up during the update. Now I can’t roll back to the previous firmware or reload a clean version of 2.0.0 because the QC thinks it’s up to date.

If you have a cloud backup, have you tried both options offered in the recovery process - ‘RESET SETTINGS’ and ‘FACTORY RESET’ (if you have a backup!)?

If you select ‘FACTORY RESET’ be sure to check that you have a cloud backup first under ‘Settings’ —> ‘Backups’.

Have not tried it yet but restoring your old cloud backup will hopefully work even with the new CoreOS 2.0.

If you manage to get everything back up and running properly, I would immediately make a fresh backup on the updated firmware. You can have up to five backups so I would make a fresh one so you can hang on to your older backup as well. At least until you are sure everything is tickety-boo.

I don’t think it will fix any of the factory content, which it sounds like is part of the problem though.

Good point! You would think forcing another CorOS 2.0 update would though. That perhaps followed by a cloud restore. If it doesn’t, I would contact Neural support.

Also wondering if @hijinksensue has gotten past the part of the update screen where it finalizes the update. Maybe that is when the factory content is downloaded/updated.

UPDATE: NDSP Support helped me roll back to a different firmware, then re-update to 2.0.0. Looks like all my captures were corrupted during a botched update to 2.0.0 when my QC locked up.


Can you share how they did the rollback, or have they sworn you to secrecy?

When you work with support, they can make the previous FW available for you I believe if needed to troubleshoot etc. I don’t believe you can roll back on your own without support unless they have changed things.

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The latter (sworn to secrecy), but they responded with instructions very quickly. I sent in a diagnostic report from my QC, then I believe they just put me on the beta tester firmware which then allowed me to re-upgrade to the official 2.0.0.

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all your captures are ok now?

Yes. Captures are back and I was able to load my backup. All good to go.

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It’s amazing how they can fix it from there.

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Trying to keep this short. Presets stay I’m aware. I’ll set up a new stomp or scene. I know what I’m doing. Then save it etc. I’ll go back to presets and they’re all gone or all the same and it takes forever to get presets back. My QC is brand new but I’m not new to it. I bought a used one about 10 months ago. Since the update it seems like more trouble. I’m sure it’s user error but idk why is it so hard. I’m not stupid but I’m not a software engineer either. I will not give up but I think I need a break from it. I think it sounds and feels great so it’s staying.

I wasn’t exactly sure from your post precisely what is happening, so if this is off target please ignore. If this is an issue with presets disappearing then the following is irrelevant. If the issue is bypass states, then the following may help.

As a previous user you are probably already aware that you need to long press the bypass button on a block to get the four small squares icon that indicates that bypass is now assigned to scenes. However, there is also a new global setting in CorOS 2.0 - ‘Settings’ → ‘Device Options’ → ‘Scene Bypass Behavior’. I am wondering if it might be the source of at least some of the unexpected behavior you are seeing.

Similar to the “Recall”/“Discard” options on Line 6’s modelers, it determines how and when changes to bypass state are saved. It is a very different implementation from Line 6 but a similar concept. It has definitely changed the way bypass states are saved for scenes. Might be worth pulling this global option up in your menu and taking a look at the three new options. This could potentially be the issue.

Also worth noting that the directory structure has changes so presets, captures, and IRs are showing up in new locations.

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Thx I got it figured it. Just needed to spend more time with it and wrap my head around it. It’s all good. Thank you again.

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