Getting captures back on device

Long story short, I had a QC made some captures which are on the cloud, lost access to QC.

Got another one, want to get my old captures back on it. But can’t star my own captures on app, and device doesn’t seem to be able to access them. I am logged in on both the app and the QC.

Any help guys?:slight_smile:

How about you log in with the same account on the new QC as on the old QC. I was under the impression that you can then simply click the download button next to the back-up button on the QC to restore all.

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That is correct and the way to restore your QC etc., if you are still having issues please email and they will get you sorted quickly.

Nope this just tries to download and install a backup. I don’t want to install a back up and lose current presets. I just want access to my captures that are on the cloud.

Thx for the help though but any other ideas?

Give support a shout and see what they can do.

Yup, done that. Am waiting for a reply. Thx:)

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Solved. Was apparently having WiFi connection issues. Can now see my captures. Thx.

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