Recommended Expression Pedals

As shippment comes closer GAS reaches new heights…

What expression pedals would you recommend for the Quad Cortex (my main use will be the wah) ?
Are Neural DSP branded pedals in the making ? (like e.g. the Mission Kemper, Helix etc.) ?


Well, I’m not gonna say I recommend but I’m going to use the Source Audio Reflex because it is what I have.
In any case, since it has multiple expression outs and can send and receive MIDI messages I think it should come really useful with something as complex as the QC

I have Mission, M-Audio, and DOD expression pedals on hand. Planning to use the DOD ones because of size and weight on the board.

Dunlop DVP3 here… I have 2 that I’m currently using as volume and expression.

I have always been a fan of the Ernie Ball volume pedals. you can use them as controller also (in most cases) - they are built like tanks and the huge foot print makes them easy to hit with your foot.

Ill have 3 on my board - 2 controllers and one for Guitar volume IP.

I find this one interesting.


If you are on a budget: The Moog EP-3 works perfectly fine for me (currently with an FM3).

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And if you’re just about broke, the M-Audio expression pedal is inexpensive and lightweight. I have one of those from my Amplifire-based board. Main downside of the M-Audio is that it has a fixed cable. OTOH, you don’t need to buy a TRS cable for it. :grinning:

Anyone has any idea if the expression curve and Toe/Heel values can be adjusted on the QC and on a preset basis?
Because otherwise a programmable expression pedal that can see the preset changes on the QC and adjust accordingly could be very useful.
That is what I used to do with the Reflex on my pedals board

P.S. - I also have a HotHand that I’ll be using with the QC, mainly for filter wobbles.

I think it’ll be a bit dependent on what the Quad can do. If it has morph type ability the mission (I presume they’ll do one for the QUAD,) with toe switch is perfect, if just volume lots to pick from.

I use a Mission EP1-KP with my Stage. On asking Mission for direction I got the following response.

“The Mission EP-1 and SP-1 are the recommended expression pedals for use with the NeuralDSP Quad Cortex. Currently only the expression pedal function is enabled. Support for the toe switch will be added later. Customers who wish to purchase the SP-1 now, will be able to use the expression function only until the switch feature is available in the Quad Cortex. Alternatively, the EP-1 can be used if the toe switch will not be required. It’s possible that the EP1-KP expression pedal function will work OK. The switch function has not been tested.”

I hope this helps any other Mission fans.


Thank you. I am going to have to pick one up

@Harle That was the kind of information I was looking for. Thanks for the insight. I’ll go with a Mission SP 1… and use the toe switch in the future :-))
Greetings from Bavaria

I kept my Fractal EV-1 expresssion pedal, sold all the other Fractal stuff. The EV-1 is built like a tank (a heavy piece of metal though) and should work well with the 4C - I assume … I might seek to sell/trade for the EV-2, which has a smaller footprint.

Cheers, Todde

I just got a Fender Tread-Light. I wanted to try an optical pedal instead of wire or string like most use. I like it a lot so far! Been using it for WAH and volume mainly. Looks good too since it has a metal and wood tone. Matches my studio.

Absolutely, I currently have the Lehle volume pedal and it is superb. All of their products have proven to be top quality when on my boards over the years. So glad I found your recommendation because a Lehle purchase is a no-brainer for me. Thanks for posting!

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If it means anything, here’s a blog entry about the ones NDSP recommends:


I just tried the Dunlop DVP5 and it does not work at all with the Cortex. Bummer. I just bought it for the Cortex thinking that since the DVP4 works, why wouldnt this?

did you read the manual on how to set it up?.. that pedal should work.

Yes, it didnt help. When calibrating it doesnt register what so ever. The cables work because I can touch the tip with my hand and it moves the calibration dial but plugging it into the expression port on the V8 does nothing when sweeping the foot pedal.