Wah effect with expression pedal sounds horrible

I bought a mission expression pedal which connects to the unit with a TRS cable with no issues.

I’ve added a wah effect and connected it to the expression pedal.

Is it just me or is the end result less than ideal? It doesn’t sound anything like real Wah pedals that I’ve used in the past.

Anyone run into this and have suggestions? Thanks!

I do think some of the Modulation (as i’ve voiced previously) are a little lacklustre… but i think the Wah is acceptable… It would be nice to have more control over the voicing and Q but I’ve heard worse.

I’m probably stating the obvious but ensure you place it at the start of the FX Chain (path) and make sure that the dry signal of any parallel paths are not also being heard…

Oh and i’m also using a Mission Aero (spring loaded) which works great! Just hanging for the Auto Engage function!!

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I’ve found the range to be very wide, and this may be what you are finding unappealing. Try and narrow the heal-down to toe-down range to your liking. This did wonders for me.