Expression pedal for quadcortex

hello, someone knows if any other expresion pedal can be used with the quadcortex? im about to buy one in a hurry and in europe they doesent have the mission neural one, someone could please send me some options

An option I know works (I have one).

Took me a minute to figure out the internal switches, in addition it only works with a trs cable.

If money was no issue I think I’d have picked the lehle volume pedal. Super heavy though.

do u think this one works?

I’ve no knowledge or experience with it… the remarks aren’t very flattering… but if its all thats available and it has an aux connection… give it a try?

ok, ill try the dunlop one, that is guaranteed, thanks for helping, but anyway, the mission ones has to be especific from the quadcortex or could be another one? have any ideia ?

You might be on to something there…


It seems pretty popular, atleast from this forum. I think it having a toe switch adds to the functionality. The dvp4 does not have a switch. It only sweeps. If I could go back in time, I would have shelled out an extra $100 and got this…

omg, that makes alot of difference, good to hear that, humm, so thats trobble, without the click the possibilities decrease a little

look what i finally found,…

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I use the Moog EP-3, shipped for around $40-50 (in the US) and comes with a long TRS cable as well. It was recommended highly and has been trouble free with the QC for over a year now.


@topherbass What combo of internal switches on the dvp4-volume-x-mini-pedal worked for you? At the moment I have the top switch set to Exp (to the right) and the bottom switch to the right… and of course connected from the Aux out of the pedal to the QC expression input with a TRS cable (same result with multiple cables as well as with 2 identical pedals). When I try to recalibrate, the Position knob just sweeps up to .50 and sticks there instead of 0-100 as it should when I rock the pedal. If I save, it just sweeps from .040 to 0.60. (Using Core OS 2.2.0, BTW) Any ideas? I’ve tried every combination. A Roland EV-5 pedal works fine, FWIW. Thanks!

Re: DVP4 internal switches, this is what works for me.

Hope that helps.

I have the Eleven Rack version I was using with my Eleven Rack and it works fine with my new QC. I asked Mission Engineering if there was any real difference, the published specs are the same, and didn’t get answer. I think it I more of a badging thingy. There is a mini-toggle underneath and they say one position is the model specific setting and the other the “standard” but I think it is just a phase switch.

Anyone else have more into?

Extremely helpful - thanks! :ok_hand:
Still having some issues with the QC seeming to “forget” the exp pedal calibration; not just when booted up, but yesterday, several songs into a rehearsal, had to calibrate again. TBD whether that’s chronic.