Expression Pedals compatibility

Hello, can anybody suggest a compatible expression pedal for use with the Quad Cortex? I have a Mission SP-H9 from before but it doesn’t seem to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The Moog EP-3 works great!

The M-Audio EX-P also works.

I am using MeloAudio EXP-001, chosen for their smaller size and mass. These require a modified TRS cable in which the T&R connection are reversed at one end.

Thank you very much! About the reversal in the MeloAudio EXP-001 pedal, could this be the case with the Mission as well? I’ give it a try.

Seconding this. A cheap expression pedal that works really well. I was concerned about the plastic appearance, but it has taken quite a beating so far.

Mission Engineering released an expression pedal specifically for the qc, the SP1-ND.

I am using a Dunlop DVP3 and it’s working great, as well (on CorOS 1.2.2; in previous versions they had some latency issues)

Thanks, Astrofreq, I already ordered one😉

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This looks exciting. From the manual it appear you can only use one expression pedal that has a switch (like SP-1) but if you use one that doesn’t (EP-1) then you could use two pedals simultaneously?

The manual says these work:

  • Single TRS expression output (Wah or Volume outputs are not
  • Dual TRS outputs (Sweep control and toe-switch dedicated
  • Latching toe-switch.
  • Momentary toe-switches will only work when latching
    emulation is set to “On”.
  • Linear or logarithmic curve.
  • Minimum value knob.
  • Polarity/Reverse function.

Guess the SP-1 ND is optimized with the QC but most other pedals should be fine, too

The Dunlop DVP series works. I’ve had great success with the 4’s and 5’s. You MUST use TRS cables.

I have two EP3’s hooked up on my guitar board. Works great!

On my Meow Wolf DJ board (which I use most of the time), I have two of the Old Blood Noise Expression sliders hooked up. One controls parameters on my guitar (input 1) and the other controls parameters on Input 2 (which hosts my Moog Theremin, a Moffenzeef Stargazer and a Kaliedoloop). Both are controlling the wetness of the delay/reverb combo. So with the slider, I can go from dry to wet, lush sounds. Works beautifully.

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I am currently using an Electro Harmonix Expression Pedal and it works great

If your Mission pedal is wired for a Line6 device (guessing it might be: H9)