Expression Pedal Compatability

Hi all QC users. Been looking at Mission Engineering expression pedals and they seem like they’re compatible with certain units. Can I get any expression or do you have to get one compatible with the QC? Never had one so any thoughts would be great.

I got 2 of these. They work great! Not sure if it matters. I just avoided ones with switches, since that’s done internally in the QC. Just remember to calibrate it when you first plug it in. Also, when using it with the Wah block, you will probably end up limiting the actual range from 0-100. I ended up at 40-90%.

I’m using M-audio EX-P, works great

Can someone explain why a momentary switch on an expression pedal might be useful? I can see why a latching switch might be useful but when would you use a momentary switch on any expression pedal? Just seems like a lot of expression pedals come with either. Thanks

I have two of the Moog Expression pedals on my board as well. They work great!