Quad Cortex shipping delay?

I’m sorry if this has already been answered. I’ve looked and have not found any information.

Has Neural given us any idea of how long the delay in shipping the tier 1 units will be?

I sold off a few rigs. Including my second Kemper. A bit pre-mature I realize now.

Not for need money. Just to clear out for the Quad cortex. But if it’s going to be months more.

I might buy another Kemper. Just to keep going.
Any Information would be great !!!
Thank you

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Last week it was short additional delay. Retailers show availability in 3-4 weeks. No details published though. I did a similar thing you did, so now I am pondering whether I need to get kemper or helix for the wait. I have a band going direct to pa and inear but only tube amps atm…

R&D is a complex thing so I fully understand delays,however I would like to have some estimates so I know what route to take.

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On the same boat here, fortunately (or not) got no gigs at the moment so for now a couple of pedals work just fine.
I’m not really upset because I do a lot of R&D and it never goes as planed, coupled with a freaking pandemic and delays were unavoidable.

I’m not upset by the delay. I’m glad they are taking the time to iron everything out before shipping. This just makes me more excited to get it haha!!!

I can’t wait to use it at church though!!! I’m really excited about that!

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Totally agreed,

I bought myself a used audio interface and I’ve been cycling through their plug-in trial since that last email.
I wrote to support but they just said it’d be soon.
So at the moment I’m enjoying the plug-in waiting patiently, I already have a buyer for when I receive the QC so no loss there (except if I buy a plug-in)

No one is “upset” this was not the post. The post was asking if an estimated time for the new delay was given by Neural. That was it. If we are looking at next year. Fine. Then I’ll buy what I need to keep going.
My issues is. I counted on what was the orignal time line . I didn’t see news of the delay till after Nov 15th. and I sold some gear prematurely I shouldn’t have.

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Nobody thought you were, your original post was very tactful. I think ppl are responding to my R&D comment. Cheers!


I can confirm I was responding to @Pre comment on R&D and saying I made the same “mistake” as @jhmcgyver

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The shipping time at Thomann chaged from 4-6 weeks to 2-3 weeks, today.

OMG, so damn excited. Neural makes me feel like a virgin, again


@dan would you or someone on the team be able to give some feedback on the current expected shipping date for tier 1?

After ordering it says expected on dec 18th :+1:

So you ordered from thomann?

Yes I did. I first asked them how they handle such things. Thomann replied that I could order, pay with creditcard or PayPal, so if it takes too long it’s reversible. The confirmation says dec 18th … fingers crossed

The answer is “no, Neural didn’t comunicate an estimate date for delivery tier 1 and 2”.

The last official comms were a little over two weeks ago when a short delay was communicated. They are probably working towards a certain functional baseline of the QC rather than a date. Thus moving launch dates.

@dan could you drop us a line on the current status? If you cannot disclose anything just tell you are working on it.

My thoughts are certainly with you, I am so happy something like this is made in Finland. Godspeed NDSP!

Dan did specify ysterday on a FB group that the rumours about sweetwater were not true, and that pre-orders were still to be the first unit shipped

It says on Thoman 5-7 weeks now, man Neural does have really bad communication… I think it’s very poor behaviour from Neural to handle this as bad as they so.

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You mean not shipping a product that is not ready?


Nhaa man, I don’t have a problem with that. I just think it’s lacking of them to not communicate propperly about it. Since they have had this huuuge delay it would’ve been better for them to just say that from the beginning “We won’t ship the Quad Cortex until we are 100% finished with it”. Like, deliver the “news” in one go instead of small parts spread over several months.
And sure, one argument then would be “Well, they didn’t maybe know it would be this huge delay”, well yeah sure… That’s why they should’ve had a more pessimistic view on it and said “We don’t know when we will be shipping the Quad Cortex, it can be 2 weeks from now or 3 months”. Then it would feel more serious and legit, at least what I would’ve think.

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Under the current circumstances I would rather have more frequent comms. Like weekly here on the forums. It seems clear there are some issues that are hard to estimate. Otherwise we would have release date.