Powering with Temple audio Cioks Hi5


Will the cioks temple audio Hi5 work with the QC?

Will this allow any spare power for additional pedals?

Yes, this will power it. You’ll need three of the grey parallel cables to use up 4 inputs at 12v to power it. Leaving one final input free - I use this at 9v to power my Shure GLXD wireless/tuner.

Thanks, are they normally included or otherwise what’s their name so i can putchase the cables?


No, you’ll most likely need to source them yourself - I know I needed to. What you’re after is three of these. Two to fill four inputs, and a final third to link those two cables to a singular cable. Which will look a little like mine below!

Hi folks, I’m new to this forum and am looking forward to receiving my new Quad Cortex! Sorry if this has been asked, but I see that the QC requires a 3A power supply. The Cioks outputs 500mA per channel @ 12V. Connecting 4 channels would then give you 2A max output level, right? Please correct me if I’m wrong here. I am mulling over buying a Cioks. Thanks!

Does it happen to you when you use the lateral jack device from temple audio that you hear some hum or noise and then you touch your cable and the noise goes as if the temple audio device was not grounded?
I am not sure I am explaining properly but so annoying
I have tried also with neutrik fem to fem adaptor and happens the same
Obviously have tried with different jack cables …
Any clue?

I’ve not noticed any hum or ground noise, no. How odd!

do you have an issue with flex? I’ve been considering the duo 24 but I heard it flexes like crazy

No, my Solo18 is solid as a rock. However, if you’re concerned about flex issues, I know that they do also make bracing brackets to help alleviate any flex and help with rigidity. Also good for mounting external power supplies to if you dont use a Hi5.


Yeah, the duo 24 (which I’m looking at) comes with one, but after seeing this video, it does not seem to help so much

Does yours flex as much?

I personally wouldn’t mind, but i feel that with a Wah where I may stand longer on it, it could be bothering

As I said, with my SOLO18, it’s solid as a rock. So I don’t believe you’ll have any issues with a DUO and a bracing bracket. I’m also not one to put my entire weight into my pedalboard and the like - make your own assessments I guess? All I can say is I’ve never had a problem with my board in the 4 years I’ve been using it, pre-QC with a bunch of stompboxes included.

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thanks, I’ll check it out I believe worst case I’ll just add a pillars under the wah and EP,
I really like their board, and the handles is a very nice plus!

I just put together a board with my QC and two Mission expression pedals on a Duo 24 last week. There’s no sag that I can see or feel. The board is very solid. I used the medium plates on the QC and pedals. I also have a Cioks DC-7 underneath. I watched the video with the sag and think that since the QC and expression pedals are bigger and longer than multiple stomp boxes they make the top stiffer. Using the Temple mounting plates may also help since they lock into the top. The pedals in the vid were cable tied on.
Hope your board works out for you.