Will the Cioks SOL + flex cables work

I ordered a power supply from MyVolts (UK) which turned out not to work at all - the screen was on but the sound kept cutting. So I’m back to square one with the joke of a power supply that comes with the QC (pretty absurd that they ship it with something worse than what my daughter use to charge her favourite doll’s toy hair dryer).

Anyway, does anybody know if the Ciocks SOL will work as a power supply, with the same setup of flex cables as the DC7?

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Are you looking for something to power your QC and other pedals? Otherwise, there are cheaper solutions for a more robust PS than CIOKS etc. I have and love the Globtek PS from Digi-Key as one solution and there are many others that have been posted that can be found via the forum search etc.

Yeah, just a robust solution to power my QC. I’m sure there are options like the one I ordered, but this time around I’ll go with something I know will work :wink: Europe-based, so ordering from the US takes too long…

I’m wondering what’s wrong with your power supply from myvolts. Using this one since months and it worked perfectly fine.

I don’t know what’s wrong with the MyVolts adaptor, but I will add that they shipped a replacement right away, wich is nice. Haven’t gotten the new one yet, but I’m sure it will be ok.

I setup my QC today to run from a DC7 using the three flex cables. Works fine so far.

I’m still waiting on the Cioks Crux before I get on board with the DC7.

No urgency though. The stock wall wart works fine so far.

Yes, I can confirm that the SOL does work with the QC just like the DC7 does.


Does anybody know if the Sol is also grounding the QC like the DC7 does, to resolve the noise-issues?
I would like to use the Sol together with the QC and my Shure GLXD6.

Yes, the SOL is a grounded power supply.


Can you recommend some cheaper and more robust PS just for the QC (no extra pedals)? I was gonna go for the MyVolts set (also includes a handy switch).

I like the Globtec from Digi-Key for around $25 shipped.

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Thx! Will look into it.

I’ll post a link later this morning.

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Evening all,

Does anyone know if a Cioks SOL fits underneath a Pedal Train Classic 2 o.k?

Purpose is to run my Quad cortex from the Coiks, as well as 2 pedals in the QC’s effects loops (+poaaibly a wah pedal*)

*I’m in 2 minds about using a real wah with the QC rather than mission pedal, as linkely saps a bit of tone (own a few wahs; standard Cry baby, zakk W cry baby and my fave; a VOX with crome


Do you have a picture or an example of how to set the SOL with cables?
Still wondering how to do it for the QC & GLX16+ to work properly…


You need 3 of the Y cables. You plug in 2 of them into 4 of the outputs on the SOL, then the 3rd one plugs into those first 2 Y cables, to reduce it down to 1 output that you use for the QC. Then you have one output left for the wireless receiver.

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Hey thanks for the picture!
I’ve found some posts on Reddit just before being notified for your answer, but anyway this will help guys like for sure down here :slight_smile: !

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Hi All. I’m new to QC and CIOKs. I just got the SOL powered like the picture (except I’m using 2-5 for the QC), and seems to be working OK so far, BUT the 3rd LED is not lit. From the SOL manual “If you overload or short circuit an outlet, the respective LED indicator turns off”.

Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks!

I haven’t seen any lights on mine go out, but I would try turning the SOL off and flipping the dip switches and put them back to make sure they are set securely, and try a different combination of which ports you’re using for the QC and see if anything happens differently. If you’re still getting one turning off, then contact Cioks support.