Cioks Temple Audio Mod - Heats QC


I’ve recently noticed my QC gets way hotter with the temple audio cioks module power supply - this foes not happen with the normal power supply from QC

Does this happen to you? do you guys have the same issue with the Cioks H7?

i wonder if this happen because the power module gets really close to the base of the QC?


My CIOKS DC7 gets quite hot when powering the QC + Eventide H9 + Lehle dual expression pedal. If it’s also the case for your CIOKS and if it’s mounted close to the QC, then it probably heats the QC. Other than that I see no reason why the QC should get hotter by itself when powered by alternative power supplies with 12V.


Are you using parallel cables to bring the 500 milliamp Hi5 Cioks 12v power up to 3 amps that the QC power wall wart provides?

If you are running it on 9v or without enough current it’s likely it will overheat or have issues.

I think you’d need 4-6 Hi5 Mod plugs on 12v dip switch settings with parallel cables to hook them together. CIOKS 8800 Flex Parallel Adapter are the cables you’d need. 3 of them to connect the 6 ports from the 2x Hi5 Mods, then 3 more of the adapters to collect them all into a single plug to run over to the QC power input.

Hi5 Mod #1
12v 500 mA ---- Parallel Cable 1 in - Parallel Cable 1 out - Parallel Cable 4 in - Parallel Cable 4 Out - Parallel Cable 5 in - ^
12v 500 mA ---- Parallel Cable 1 in - ^
12v 500 mA ---- Parallel Cable 2 - Parallel Cable 2 out - Parallel Cable 4 in - ^
unused port
unused port
Hi5 Mod #2
12v 500 mA ---- Parallel Cable 2 in - ^
12v 500 mA ---- Parallel Cable 3 in - Parallel Cable 3 Out - Parallel Cable 5 in - Parallel Cable 5 out - QC Input
12v 500 mA ---- Parallel Cable 3 in - ^
unused port
unused port

Hopefully that makes sense. I THINK that would work. These parallel cables are two inputs to one output, same voltage but current is summed between the inputs at the output.

Actually CIOKS officially suggests to use four 500mA outputs at 12V in parallel, at least on the DC7. It results in around 40% of maximum load on the DC7 when display brightness is turned up full on the QC. The current draw of QC was measured to be under 2000 mA. Apparently no need to use six 500 mA outputs.

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That’s good information, so you could cut two of those parallel cables out of my suggestion and just need 3 of them if you are using the Hi5 CIOKS mods from Temple Audio… Thanks @2342

But the question of, are you setting the right voltage and have enough current for @rdavles81 is still open… how do you have it wired up?

I wired mine up last night with three cables into the QC and noticed my Cioks getting very hot as well. I didn’t notice if the QC had an increased temperature although it is directly above the Cioks on a pedal train board. Has this caused any one issues yet or just concerns?

I am going to give this a try myself when the cables get here to do it. I’ve had issues with my QC rebooting sometimes using a different PSU solution so I decided to try the CIOKS Hi5 MOD for my Temple Audio board. Let you know what I find. Hopefully pulling that much power wont cause heat issues with it, but it might. I have one of those laser based temp readers so I’ll take a before and after reading off the CIOKS.


I haven’t read about any issues so far. Mainly concerns.

I’ve been using the Hi5 since June '21 and haven’t noticed any additional heat that the QC itself isn’t putting out. It survived a week long run of shows in Cyprus summer - so I think it’s golden!

Shameless self reply here:

I got the second Hi5 Mod delivered yesterday along with the current doubling cables and hooked them up to my QC. (I had the “Iso Base Schwartz Power Supply” previously and had issues with the QC occasionally rebooting while I was playing)

After leaving the board on most of the afternoon and playing through it on and off for the last few hours it hasn’t rebooted at all which is great, and on top of that the QC seems to be running pretty cool (87.4 F according to my laser temp gun) and the two Hi5 Mod CIOKS modules I’m using to pull the 4x 500mA 12v power from are running at 83.2 F.

The Iso Base Schwartz Power Supply was running hot enough to release the sticky tape on the Temple Audio mounting pad, which I didn’t know until I picked up the board to swap things around.

Overall pretty happy with the Cioks setup with this temple board. I’ll run it a few weeks and report back after a lot of use.

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