Post your talent!

First of all thank you for creating this community!

Now for any new friend who reads this I would like to meet you, so paste here the link to your YouTube channel, instagram or any social network where you are using NEURAL DSP products I would like to hear from you! :metal::metal::metal::metal::metal:


Hi there! Im starting here with my brand new Symphonic Metal project, using Archetype: Nolly for guitars and a bit on bass as well :grin:

Would love to know what you guys think, and I cant wait to hear what everyone makes with Neural


Hi all,

Here is where I post all. I am also in iTunes, Deezer, Tidal, and Spotify. All feedback is welcome. I am bass player by trade so what you hear in guitar is all you gonna get. Thanks!!!


I dont have much of a home studio so I predominantly use Neural since finding out about it!

Just picked up parralax for future recordings but all guitars are through neural on my last few youtube vids

Check the channel out from latest video here -

Its a FFVII medley so hope you guys enjoy :slight_smile:


Hey guys!
I ll post my instagram which is full of covers with the plini and now the abasi plugins!

Looking forward to producing even more content!!


Let us rock then :-]


Great topic!
Here are my channels.


I just released a track where I used the Nolly Archetype and the Parallax for everything guitar and bass.


Hi! Im a sound engineer and also guitar and bass player. Heres my website, where I have some multitracks, some of them with Archetype Nolly. Im willing to find groups to mix their songs and use Nolly if necessary. Hope you like my work.

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Here is my current work available in Apple Music and Spotify. All feedback is welcomed, thanks!

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Heres my newest song using Archetype Nolly, hope you enjoy :blush:


MBP 16" 2019
Archetype Abasi Plugins
Solem Tones Loki Bass Plugin
Reaper DAW
Strandberg Boden OS8

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My first album. All comments are welcomed. Thanks.

-Markline Guitars Headless 083 with BKP Ragnarok
-Neural DSP: Archetype Nolly with York Audio Zilla V30 IRs
-Reaper DAW
-Getgood Drums
-Loki Midi Bass Plugin

Song is my original (Work in progress)

Hi everyone! I have just made this cover from a Chilean guitar player, Benjam穩n Lechuga, using the Archetype Plini.




Hello there. Ive just made a comparison video of Archetype Plini & Nolly & the free one from ML Sound Lab Amped Roots. I bougt the Neural DSP plugins and I love them. I could not believe how good the amp sim plugins are nowadays. Its so easy to tweak a good tone in minutes and now Im not lost in thousands of seettings like the Fractal stuff e.g.! Thanks for this thread.

it has a tony mcallpine feel to it, if you dont know him check him out. im old :wink:

Hey! New user here. Just got the Plini plugin and love it. Just posted a song that uses the plugin on all the guitar parts aside from the crunchy rhythm tracks, and also on bass.

Hey bud, Ive been uploading a bunch of Solo Covers using only Neural DSP plugins you can check them out here. new solo every 4 days.

Thanks Chris

I used to play through an Axe Fx 2 Xl but Neural Dsp really pushes the limits for plugins, So I sold the Axe and bought Cali Suite and Parallax instead this is my METAL take with it :wink: