New idea for a plugin

I had a really good plugin idea. Archetype: Trivium. Packed with 5150 amps and crushing leads and rythyms, and brutal tones into it. These would be one of the best tones and would feature other metalcore bands out there that uses 5150s including BFMV, All That Remains and In Flames. These would make really great tones out of 5150s and hope its a good suggestion for the Neural DSP next project.

there’s several 5150 in the Archetypes already, not sure they’d do another at this point.
Still, how many is too many? Why not- we’ll see.

There can never be a limit to neural dsp plugins, they never end

Sort of a fun thought but we definitely don’t need even MORE 5150 clones lol. Between Gojira, Nolly, and I think Plini there are more than enough options.