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I used to play through an Axe Fx 2 Xl but Neural Dsp really pushes the limits for plugins, So I sold the Axe and bought Cali Suite and Parallax instead… this is my METAL take with it :wink:


Fortin Cali Suite used in this cover I did (my wife on vocals):

Granophyre on rhythms, Nameless Suite for the solo and parallax on bass:

any kind of feedback will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Nice and heavy :wink: … di you play this so tight or is it copy paste with a little delay from left to right?

both to be honest. I play as tight as I can while recording (sometimes it takes 50+ takes before I’m satisfy with the results, I always double track rhythms gtrs) and then I make edits if necessary. basically it’s the same approach that Steven Ward showed in one of his videos:

Well it does sound very good and no doubt you have an awesome ear for tightness :+1: … I would really love to hear something played as tight as you can and then without the editing… I think that would bring the human element back into it which, for me, would set it apart from the “general” tunes if you know what I mean? This is just my humble opinion off course :slightly_smiling_face: … again great playing and songwriting… with vocals would be awesome!!!

yes, I know what you mean :slight_smile:
musically I was raised on industrial metal so “precision of a machine” was always desirable thing in my music, especially when I mixed gtrs with synth bass & drums. I loved that machine-perfected style… It stayed that way I guess… it seems it’s not cool anymore :stuck_out_tongue:
anyway, many thanks for your time and opinion! … and yes, vocals would be cool! :slight_smile:

Anyone here plays The Division 2? I really like this song from the OST, and I just had to cover it. Cleans are Archetype Abasi, and Rhythms are Fortin Cali.

I’ve put together this video hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for more on instagram @fractualitymusic

I just started this week, happy new user in the Neural family.
This is a short Cory Wong envelope filter improvisation.


Very nice improv ciclosonico!

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Thank you soooo much, grazie!!!
It was an impro I used for IG Stories, then I post it on Youtube too, just for fun.
I’m recording a lot of short clips, these plugins are inspiring me, I can’t stop playing :joy:

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We have a band at work with my colleagues, once a year we do a show with our international partners.
Since there is not much traveling and we must stay at home we still do some stuff.
Here is with people from Canada, Mexico, India, Japan, Sweden.

this is our second ‘‘stay at home song’’

My improv game is horrendous, so I made this thing to force myself to practice. Tones are Archetype Abasi and Nolly. Appreciate anyone checking it out.

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Let me add one more short, melodic impro…
This is Plini at work, a late night impro.
I think I didn’t bend a note at the 22th fret since ages! :smile:

Did a video comparing the clean amps of Archetypes Plini, Abasi, and Nolly. Hope this might help someone!