Welcome to Unity!

We’ve created this forum as a means to share presets, discuss Neural DSP plugins, and get to know you all better. Please take some time to introduce yourself and get involved in some discussions. We will endeavour to arrange some special events here with members of the Neural team as well as our artists as time goes on.

For now though, welcome to Unity! :slight_smile:


hi there,
guess its time to say hello: im a 39 years old bass and guitar player from germany and im really looking forward to use this platform to exchange some presets.


Hey dudes! Mikko here - looking forward to being active on this forum and hopefully we can all help each other. :slight_smile:


Thanks for making a space to share sounds and presets! I’m looking forward to passing along my favorites as well as listening to others’ sounds as well.

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Hey! This forum is a super cool idea! I’m Clément, 28 years old, musician and composer based in France :blush:

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What’s up gang?! Glad we have this place. Stoked to learn from other users.

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Hello everybody!
I’m a long-time modelling believer that never found his nirvana in products until Neural DSP stepped in the game. Absolutely love the Nolly archetype, and the parallax was an easy buy after that. I’m 30, born in Italy, half german, half british, work for a German musical instruments retailer and live in France so quite a journey!

I record and play music, rock is my thing.


Really awesome idea. Can’t wait to engage with a community built around the best virtual gear around! Neural Fortin NTS and Darkglass user from Pittsburgh PA here. Cheers!

Cheers to everyone!
I am a 36 years old guitargear nerd from Finland.

I bought The Nameless Plugin last year and were really impressed by it. Now I also have Archetype Plini, Nolly and Abasi as well. Absolutely top quality products!

I have owned almost all Hardware modelers in some point. Axe FX II, AX8, Helix… and at the moment I have Kemper Profiler Stage.

Having a years experience with todays top modeler products I am save to say, that Neural DSP products have been the easiest to dial in to get the tone I am after. Kemper comes close, but there is the endless Profile selection, that can get exhausting quickly.

I am thankful, that today there is so much great guitar modeler options for us guitarists and that there FINALLY is a great Plugin options as well, thanks to Neural DSP!

I’m a half century old man from Norway, playing guitar. Guess I’m an amp sim freak. Have Plini, Nolly, NTS. Trying out Abasi at this moment. Cant say how surprised I was about that yellow amp. Take that gain all the way down and you get this really cool kind of unstable hairy gain. Not sure if I’m describing it right. But it remind me on some of the Mercuriall free test products, where you can turn down the watts on the amp, and get this rally cool effects on the gain, not like the brown sound, its kind of different. Just that Abasi makes this effects so damn perfect. As a blues, psychedelic, rock player I’m in heaven with this strange yellow amp behavior. Do not take that effects away from Abasi yellow amp! :musical_note::notes:

Cool that this forum is up where we can share tones and tips :slight_smile:

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New member here from San Diego. Got on the QC list I think pretty early in Tier II. I’ve been discussing Neural a lot over on The Gear Page forum. Same username. Looking forward to this place now too!

hey everyone, im Aditya. just recently got into Neural Dsp plugins. and im staying :star_struck: . The archetype abasi is such a cool plugin. and this forum is just wicked good place to interact with y’all.