What can we do for you? (and what you can do for us)

Hey guys, it’s been a crazy week with the release of Archetype: Abasi and our Black Friday sale! There’s still a little while to go if you fancy grabbing yourself a discount, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about.

It’s great to see so many of you joining the forum, and with a big influx of new users to our plugins ecosystem, I’m sure plenty more are to come!

I’d love to use this thread as an open channel to understand what you’d like to see us do. Is there anything we can improve upon? Anything we can do more of? Anything we could do that we haven’t done at all? All suggestions are welcome (although let’s avoid descending to Archetype: Nick Jonas suggestions).

Furthermore, it would be super helpful if whenever you see people asking for technical support, you direct them to support@neuraldsp.com.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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Cool formats on the forum. I know this is a forum specific for neural amp sim, and topics are for that purpose. I see you have a sub, show your self, your talent. But there should be a little place where we could share backtracks that users might love and want to share, as a little bonus. Always nice to come in to a place, and you find this little gem just because you entered in a door, suddenly your inspired and playing for hours and days. :boom::notes::musical_note:

I’ve talked with a few different NDSP users and we all kind of agree on one thing: an Archetype Rabea would be awesome. Another thing I have heard quite a bit is that a plugin(s?) focused on some less modern/“prog-metal” style stuff would be super cool!

Just two ideas off the top of my head.


my wet dream - ENGL Savage or Invader by Neural DSP :smiley:

the brainworx ones are pretty awesome. I’d rather prefer to have never-released amps made by Neural DSP, but that’s my personal opinion

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what we need is the option to shrink the ui to any size required this used to be the case with the nameless plugin but has been taken away in the update! greatly appreciated to aid small screen workflow!


It would be cool to have an artist pack from amp designers - Archetype: Bogner or Soldano!

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It would be nice that you would offer some discounts for existing users with an investment in the brand. For example, you get 5% discount every Neural DSP product you have in new purchases.

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I would love a dark mode for the Archetype Plini. I know it looks so good with all that white, but some times it’s a bit too much at night, especially since Ableton is pretty dark.


Thanks for this forum, hopefully will grow sizable given Neural’s popularity.
For people like me who own multiple Neural DSP plugins (Nolly, Plini, NTS, Nameless), it will be so much easier to perform jam sessions or smaller gigs if there was a way to use all of them in a single application, with midi support to switch presets. Yes, it can be technically done in a DAW, but Neural is not just a bunch of recording plugins to me - it’s a true alternative to something like a Fractal Axe FX, but without the weight.


Hell yes voting for Dark Mode! I’m trying to decide right now which one I want to buy, and not being blinded at night would be a helpful factor hahah


I would welcome a dark mode to the Plini, too.

I love the new window resize option in Nameless 3.0.1. Upon clicking on the resize icon give us the choice to choose from the three sizes. So we don’t have to go through all of them to find the one we want.

The one feature which i would love to see is additional ins/outs at various point of the signal.
This way we would be able to route additional effect into the plugin, at various point of the signal chain.
An FX Loop (send/return) within the amp sim section would allow us to add external effects; and to bypass the preamp section. So we could use the power amp section with the IR loader, just in case if we need this option.


Here’s my collection:

  • standalone app and plugin to load and use all bought plugins (and use their components independently)
  • do some amps more on the classic side (Marshall Plexi, Orange OR). I like the second Plini-Amp very much, but there could be more of that
  • keep up the good work

I vote for ”Universal Standalone/plugin version” to be able to use every Neural DSP amp and pedal together from the packs I have bought.

Also I would love to have built in IR section (just like in the modelers) where I could load my favorite IRs and quickly change them from there. You can kinda do it by making your own favorite IR folder in your computers filesystem. But a dedicated IR section inside the plugin would be nicer.


Make pre/post effects delay/reverb with plugin fortin cali please, i know you can use 2 vst plugins together in a DAW and I do that with cali and plini effects only and its sounds amazing. But would be nice to have Same Options with two standalone plugins, to be able to turn off amp and EQ and cab and only use effects on fx plini or nolly with fx cali.
Besides that cali fortin is a killer plugin thank you sooo much

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I just came here to post the same thing. I really want a delay and reverb for the Fortin plugins.


Id love to see a boutique amp like the dumble or the train wreck, with matched classic cabs,
Throw in a vintage attenuator mod and some fuzz face , Dunlop MXR STEREO CHORUS, whem copy cat…thats realy would be special, and give the blues guys something knowbody has done properly afaik.

And! as some many other have said…the ability to add plugins into the suite,fortin pedals into Nolly for example
That would be a quick win!

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Seconding delay and reverb pedals in the Cali! I really like to use the standalone version

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dont forget octavio fuzz effects and rotary leslie :slight_smile: