Moderators, where to showcase neural related?

Maybe I’m an old fart (I am) but isn’t there a subforum/thread in here where you can share your music made with Neural plugins?
Would be nice


That is a good question.
It would be cool if there was a dedicated section though!

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Exactly… and at the same time a way to get an Idea about a potential preset!

Moderators… is it possible to make a “sticky” thread in which we can share Neural recordings and pre-listen to presets?

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Agreed! :smiley:
I’d love this too!

I’m pretty sure there’s a “post your talent” thread in general. Unknown if it has to be Neural related though for it to be posted there though.

Yes :wink: … but I think it would be cool to have a “sticky” subforum dedicated to neural based recordings. Again also to present different presets

If they want to compete with the likes of line 6 and the others they will

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