Midi questions

I’ve got questons abut midi. I’m coming from the Helix world and was wonderinig if I could control the QC similarily.

With the Helix, I could assign a block to be controlled by a CC#. That block did not have to be attaced to a footswitch to be controlled. so far, i am not finding a way to be able to toggle blocks on and off unless they are attached to a fs.
Second, Let’s say i have a compressor attached to fs A. it seems that the only way I can toggle that on or off is if i’m in Stomp mode. If I’m in scene or preset mode, I can’t toggle that block or “fs” on and off.
Am I understanding these points correctly?
Lastly, with the Helix, I could control parameters via midi value. For instance, I had a poly capo block. I could attach a CC# of 11 to that block, then change the parameter of how much shifting could be done via the values I sent. So CC11, Val 60 kept it at 0, no shift. CC11, Val 54 changed it to -1. CC11, Val 48 equaled -2. So on and so forth.
I take it that’s not possible either?


Mostly I think this is correct. Although I’m not currently at my rig. I use the QC, an HX stomp XL and an MC8 together. The stomp runs in the loop of the QC and I just add a EL block in my SC. I find assigning the scenes to control stomps on/off or param changes the best way to handle it. Or using either the QC or stomp in scene/snapshot mode and the other device as the Efx blocks adding midi changes to those block with the Mc8. So let’s say your HX stomp was your amp/cab sound you could then use your QC in scene mode with just effects blocks. Or of course the reverse.

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I get that. My goal is to use the QC by itself.

Our band uses Ableton, which automates our rigs.

Because of that, I have found a workaround for the first “problem.”
Set up the main scenes. Clean, Drive, more drive, swell, etc.
Switch to stomp mode.
Any blocks like trem, chorus, other things of that nature that are used sparingly, assign to a fs.
Keep QC in stomp mode.
The DAW can now toggle on/off individual blocks, as well as change scenes while the QC is in stomp mode.

My hope is that in the future, I would be able to change parameters at any given time via CC value. This is mainly for the pitch shifter. As for now, I believe my course of action is to make a preset for each different pitch shift, and recall that preset when needed. Not a huge deal, just not a fan of the quick signal loss you get when changing presets. I know most modelers do it, but I know preset changes can be done without the signal loss. I believe the Boss GT 1000 does it.

Not a slam on the QC, I’ve played almost all the different pieces of gear in this realm, and so far, the QC sounds the best. Kind of scary considering it’s so new. It’s only going to get better.

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Right Ableton works well. I currently use that via midi as well,.

Do you know how to send a Midi Program (preset) change to the QC from Ableton? I can change scenes but not presets.

You have to put the QC in Stomp mode. It will change Presets and Scenes, plus turn on/off individual blocks from that screen.

What is the command you use to get Presets to change? My scenes are changing but not presets. I am using LSB CC 43 for scenes. Say I want to use preset 1A, 1B, 1C, etc., on setlist 2(factory presets are setlist 0). What would the bank, sub-bank, and pgm boxes be set to? Or is this the wrong way altogether?

Is there any update in the world that will revamp how we control the qc with midi? As of right now the midi is very, very limited.

If I have 25 blocks, and I use one footswitch to control one block, that means only 8 blocks can be turned on and off.

I know I can create scenes, but it is still limited. There are a ton of CC commands that are not being used. My experience with other modelers is that I can assign an unused cc to a block and control it externally via a daw or controller.

Also, when using a tremolo block, I usually use 3 different intervals. I’m not aware of any midi command that will let me change the interval on the fly. If this is the case, that means I either need to have different presets each having their own dedicated trem block, or, have 3 trem blocks on my main preset. Which means, I need to dedicate 3 switches to just the trem alone. At trust point Im using almost half of my switches.

Sorry is this seems like a rant, I mean, I guess it kinda is, but definitely not meant to be. I love the product. It’s by far the best sounding “modeler” I’ve ever owned. I’m also aware that it’s still in its infancy stage.

All this being said, I’m not planning on going anywhere as of now.

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