Turn blocks on and off with midi

Now the only way to turn blocks on and off with midi is if you are in stomp mode… Kind of defeats the purpose. I want to be able to assign cc commands to turn blocks on or off. Or even better, to even be able to change parameters. Kind of like scenes within scenes.

I recently read about a hack for this. It works great. First, assign the bypass for each block you want to control to a QC footswitch, in Stomp mode. Assign each footswitch on your MIDI controller to send three cc commands. First, to set the QC to Stomp mode, the second command assigned to the corresponding Stomp switch on the QC, then a third to return the QC to Preset mode or Scene mode. It’s not optimal but it works and is surprisingly quick.

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I thought about trying that. Meaning changing mode on press, the block on hold, and the mode change back on release?

I’m not very controller experienced but my cheap Hotone Ampero Control can do multiple commands from one button press, no hold needed. It seems to only take a quarter second or so. I assume this is a common capability on other brands. Maybe yours.

Yes, thank you! This definitely should be added

I got that to work! Thanks so much!

Neural should still fix this to be a real feature instead of doing weird workarounds. Pretty sure you can assign any blocks via midi on the Helix. Even though that thing came almost 10 years ago…

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Exactly. I came from the helix. You can do whatever you want in the helix. It’s a complete midi controller and receiver.


As primitive as the QC’s MIDI capabilities are, I can’t imagine that they won’t add more advanced features…eventually.

This hack works pretty well in the mean time but, if you want to control blocks from Preset and from Scene modes, you have to set up two different banks on your controller. Not optimal.

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Hi everyone, please vote on the following request. It includes what you all want and even and more. Thanks

Feat. Request: Make Hybrid Mode more like “Command center” on Helix