No editor? When? and why it matters

When wireless editor app control of the Quad Cortex was announced, I was completely stoked! I play acoustic and electric guitar in several bands in a wide variety of venues. I was spoiled by the ease of wireless real-time editing of amp and effects parameters using a tablet, cell phone, or laptop with the L6 Firehawk.

I’m ready and waiting for the Quad Cortex.

Why control a myriad of parameters live and real-time without having to bend down to the floor ? Each show, guitar, audience, song, room /venue has its own vibe . Tweaking verb, delay, mod parameters etc on the fly and at a whim was a blast. Sweeping certain parameters can produce synth effects.
I must admit I am (rather sorely) bummed that the wireless editor functionality did not make it to the first iteration.
NDSP, how’s it looking for the editor?
Would be nice to hear from other people , too.

Not really very worried about it.
I’m used to making edits on the board itself from the pedals days and when the first mobile editors came out I could bot really get used to using them.
On the other hand, MIDI is essential to me exactly so that I can control certain parameters, having the ability to connect expression pedals, my hot-hand and MIDI control units is more usable that an editor app.

Of course, to each his own and if there are users who benefit as much from the app then it is important one exists so that the QC is usable by everyone.


Many people are happy to edit directly on their hardware device (whatever it is). Thanks for your input.

Judging from the gist of your comment, the midi functionality is separate from the editor? Neural likely does not have Boundless energy for development and would have to prioritize. Or is this not the case?