Desktop Editor, please

yesterday I had to do the following to save my presets:

  • Activate WLAN
  • Connect Quad Cortex to W-LAN
  • Log in to Neural DSP
  • update the device (without update i Couldn’t upload my presets)
  • Save preset in the cloud.

it is a absolute waste of time and far away from professional use.
don’t get me wrong, it’s a really cool gimmick to be able to access your presets without any PC, and i love the concept of the Quad cortex, but:

A PC Editor is a Basic function.
Even cheap FX Modellers in the Pricerange form 100 - 200€ have this function and make a backup possible in Seconds. Same problem with adding external IRs to the Quad cortex

you wrote in the FAQ:
“Is there a desktop controller?
There will be. It will launch shortly after the global launch of Quad Cortex.”

I Own the Cortex now for 6 Month, so whats about your promise “shortly after Release”

so please: make the desktop Controller available.


We know it’s coming. It’s the reason I believe they’re updating the file manager, to accommodate a desktop editor (speculation on my part). My only hope is that the desktop editor isn’t an application that requires internet connectivity. I want offline editing, with support for offline backup support (some kind of file format).

Coming from the Helix, I will admit the lack of desktop editor is quite a bit deal. There’s something about being able to precisely create patches using a keyboard and mouse that feels right.

I would love for someone at NDSP to shine some light on the status of the desktop editor. Whether they’ve started building it yet, what the plans are for it, etc.