Plugin Development Update - March 2023


Thanks for the Update.

So, if I understand correctly :

"We have been juggling three objectives with our plugins:

A) Porting all existing plugins into the Quad Cortex environment to deliver Plugin Compatibility.

B) Updating all existing plugins to use our ATI algorithm and implementing new core features such as Transpose, the Doubler, the Metronome, the larger window size, and making other quality-of-life improvements.

C) Making our plugins Native Apple Silicon compatible."

The priority is :

Am I correct ?

That’s how I would read it too.

Still looking forward to an editor. The touch screen is phenomenal and certainly beats knobs and buttons on the fly, but being able to sit upright with my guitar on my lap and test adjustments while hitting buttons with my foot in real time to test tones and simply click a mouse to make adjustments is WAY better than laying my guitar flat and leaning down to adjust the unit on the floor then sit up to try out tones back and forth. And keeping the unit on the desk is fine if you don’t have to change anything hands free, but an editor alleviates all this and IN NO WAY negates having the outstanding touch screen. :pray:t2:



So cool to be transparent like that.

I also work in the audio/midi industry and i can tell that the new platforms (Apple Silicon, finally updated 64 bits only CPU en Windows and ARM64…) requires a lot of changes, especially in the Libraries and Framework.

I prefer to read theses statements that «We will take time to make it done » instead of false release dates.

Thanks Neural DSP for this.

You act like a DAW i love for the same kind of statements.



I’m a new user of Quad Cortex.

I would like to know if what was posted above is an indication that we, Quad Cortex users, will soon have access to the famous Neural DSP plugins via Quad Cortex.
Is that right or did I misunderstand?

Thank you very much

Having a plan is a step in the right direction. I agree with Randy, and I’m sure a lot of other customers, that we are still awaiting an Editor for the QC. I have 2 Helix units that I use, one in my studio for creating presets/tweaking (with HX Edit) and one on stage where our band performs. I say this because back when I bought the QC, the word was that the Editor was coming soon. I am holding off buying a second QC to replace the setup I have with the Helix…but I am not doing it until the Editor is out and functioning. I know there are a lot of Neural plug-in users that are upset over the delay in porting their plug-ins to QC, but I would guess there are a lot of NEW Neural users (like me) that have no prior plug-ins, but bought into the QC, with promise of an editor. Some of my fellow musicians that use Fractal, Kemper, etc. have listened to a few presets on my QC and are interested in possibly switching over, but NOT without an Editor. So please don’t forget those of us that were promised something that has not been delivered.


@mitch3405 @Randy Not sure if you’ve seen it, but the editor (desktop controller) was mentioned in the QC development update. They hope to show a beta version at NAMM in April.

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Thank you. I didn’t that update or I likely would have made my way to the forum sooner. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be visiting Neural at NAMM and will be lookin g forward to that! Much appreciated.

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I appreciate the update, but I didn’t buy my QC to concern myself with Apple stuff, but they already got my money, so I suppose I no longer matter.


From what I read, it still looks like there is still no desktop editor, no plugin porting for QC on the agenda, and it hasn’t been for 2 years because it’s not on the priorities.

Just to mention that they recently launched Tonex and the unit has been doing both since day 1.


It’s the development update for the plugins, not for the QC.


Firstly, thanks for just saying something. That’s all I was looking for, a little communication.

I may have misread it, but I didn’t see anything regarding specifically the functionality I’ve been concerned about, which is the ability to use all your components in a single VST instance. I just would like to know wether or not this is something that Neural is working or looking to work on in the future?

Right, but I guess the question is if they have a different team working on the QC side of that, or if it’s all one group doing either other stuff, or porting plugins to the QC.


I am really sorry to know that QC plugin update will be postponed.
It’s a really slow path :disappointed:

Ah ok, here I have no clue of course.

I agree with “technology moved fast…”
If NDSP doesn’t qhurry up, more and more competitive products will rush the market share from ndsp side.
We understood the difficulty but in other hand, consumers will have possibilities to select other products and NDSP’s delay may make the “possibility” change to “have to”.


Thanks Andy,
I read it in February and was concerned that a final product delivery is still way out in the future because of the wording in the QC update…

“which will be made available in future releases. We hope to be able to show a beta of the desktop controller at the NAMM show in April this year.”

I HOPE the BETA is not just a “dog and pony show” with screen shots, etc., but a functioning desktop controller, that can be delivered in a “not to distant” FUTURE RELEASE …


I am a recent QC owner and someone that loves to follow the new tech and watch the trends. When I bought my QC I did not realize how small a company Neural is, and I did not know how late they were in delivering some of the things that are going on two years now. At this point I do wonder if say, 5 years from now my QC unit will be relevant and updatable. It is not that I don’t like the QC unit, but I am wondering if Neural is going to be able to compete with the next best thing from Line 6. If this was a foot race I am beginning to think they will not be able to stay relevant.


Base on this last update plugin available to QC should take years. I would not hold your breath to expect this anytime soon.