Any updates on PC editor?

Didn’t see any updates from Neural about that. I think that the PC editor is something that should be available on day one. Can we get at least an estimate when to expect it… if they’re actually working on it, of course.


I have not seen anything about it. I’ve sort of stopped using the unit until it comes out because it’s too much of a pain in my workflow. I finally routed it through my axefx3 and put it on a shelf in my rack and I will play with it when the editor comes out.

In a matter of days, I had a huge mess of presets and captures.

I’m not sure i would use a desktop app as i think the QC interface is already pretty great… I would however like to see an iPad App that mirrors the QC display though so that i could keep the QC on the floor, have the iPad on my lap or on a stand so that editing can be done without bending down.


THAT is a great idea!!

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I would use a desktop app. I would like it to act as a librarian for all of my captures, IR’s, and presets. Also an editor for my unit.

I don’t have an iPad so would want it to be Win/OSX compatible.


I’ve used a few fractal units and I exclusively used the desktop editor, not the on-device controls. I’ve gotten so accustom to that. Even though the QC has a really great on-screen editor I would still love to be be able to just click around on my desktop to throw a new preset together instead of hunching over where I have the QC setup on my desk.

They said it’s coming. When? I have no idea.
Personally I don’t have a need for one, but I understand you.

The iPad app is the way to go with wireless connection. Rumour have it Kemper are about to release an iPad app version for their Stage product. They are planning to upgrade the Stage to wireless capability with a firmware update. This is a must for QC to keep up with the competition.


While working in a DAW, it is nice to have the editor available on the same computer.


How would this be possible through a software update when it requires hardware to implement?

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The hardware of the Stage has always had that built in, it just hasn’t been put to use yet.

Wow! I own one and did not know that. :man_facepalming:

Do you know of any resources that confirm this? I can’t find anything?

I’m assuming it ca be done via the usb plug with firmware update. They say PC editor is coming…
I guess this has some legs. Still no word how the hardware side of it will be implemented. Either they have been hiding it in the units since day one, or they are going to introduce a dongle.

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Quad Cortex has built in Bluetooth. It just isn’t turned on or used at this time.


Seriously, still no editor?

I believe the editor was not in original vision for this product (you suppose easily edit on the hardware itself), but because of people’s request they (Neural) decided to work on it. So it might be a while… er… I mean SOON :rofl:

It took Kemper 10 years , Fractal took a long time as well. Helix ( Yamaha) installed it in 2016 and took a full year after unit release. It will come at some point.

A PC editor was in the original vision for this device when I pre-ordered it over a year and a half ago. Obviously it wasn’t a priority. It was called I believe Neural CNS or something like that when I pre-ordered.