Computer Editor

I am on the waiting list at Sweetwater for a Quad Cortex. I have not seen any information on a computer editor. Is there one, or will there be one available? I scanned forum titles and didn’t see it mentioned.

There isn’t one yet, but there is one in the works that’s expected in the near future.

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Thank You. Thats good to know. I much prefer doing presets from scratch on the computer with the larger screen.

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I understand that a smartphone/tablet editor and controller is planned as well.

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I really think that the PC editor is something that should be available on Quad’s launch day. Hope it’s available soon. The QCs UI is intuitive and simple enough, but I can’t stop thinking how faster would everything be if I could just use my PC to change the settings. Other than that, I’m more than happy with my QC :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

They will NEED a computer editor if they wish hope to ever have the sort of usability and functionality that something like the Axe III has. Many people dog the interface of the unit saying it’s impossible to edit from the unit itself, but the dials and knobs make it possible because they easily scroll through the options. But it’s almost unanimously agreed that using Axe Edit is the way to go for deep editing.

If the QC hopes to include more menus and features and options (inevitable as they grow and update) and want to keep it “touch friendly,” it’s going to be nuts. I think they can figure it out, though.

Both a desktop and iOS/android editor are a must.

Was there any communication as to when can we expect a PC/smartphone editor?