Any official word on an PC editor?

I think it’s getting pretty ridiculous that there is still no editor. If they are not going to make one, that’s fine just let people know so they can decide if they want to use the device.

They had time to develop a new plugin but cant seem to eek out the resources to provide an editor. If I can’t use the device alongside my DAW without having to crane my neck around it has no value for me. I know everyone has a different workflow and it’s probably fine for a lot of people, but there are are also a lot like me. I currently just continue to use my AXEFX3 while waiting for an editor but am considering selling the unit while it still has some value.

Cited from Doug posted 15 August the Discord QC channel about the editor:

Still working on it. As mentioned previously it’s a big project, not only allowing to control QC (and all the new file management features we’re building into the device), but also all the Cortex Cloud features.

It’s coming. A lot of work to get it right but they are working on it. Its getting harder to sell used as NDSP doesn’t honor the warranty (like Fractal etc.) unless you are the original purchaser from direct NDSP or an authorized dealer.

Fractal doesn’t carry over the warranty either. G66 in Europe does, but not Fractal. Kemper does and Line 6 if you have the original receipt. Seems odd that NDSP would not if you have the receipt. Maybe they will rethink this to help people buying their product,

That’s what I said, NDSP doesn’t honor the warranty similar to Fractal’s policies etc. :slight_smile:

Ok, I miss-read your post sorry. I took it that they didn’t honor like Fractal does. Sorry for the confusion.

No worries! I’m sorry for the confusion lol!