More Bass Amps/Cabs (Not Captures), more mic choices, and more bass specific effects

Definitely needs more modeled bass amps rather than just captures, along with more cab models. (Aguilar, Markbass, EBS, Fender, TecAmp/Eich, Trace Elliot, Peavey, SWR… just throwing some out there)

More mic options for the cabs (Specifically at least an EV RE-20. That’s an extremely common mic that most all of us are probably extremely familiar with and comfortable with in the real world)

More bass specific effects (Darkglass anything, better compressors, a better octave (with -2, think OC-2), more drive and fuzz flavors, some synth stuff (square wave at least)).

Just some ideas, and a reminder that a few devotees here are bassists and/or multi-instrumentalists and we don’t want to feel neglected as future updates come.

Feel free to chime in with any bass specific things you’d like to see, and I will update this post accordingly.

Bass Feature Requests (Updated From Other Users Feedback)

  • Improved tuner tracking on low notes B0 and below
  • A way to improve switching to the tuner that doesn’t require such a long switch hold
  • Super Symmetry
  • Aguilar Amp models (DB, AG, TH)
  • DG Suite and Parallax plug-in ports
  • Add a mix knob on pedal captures.

I’m very much mostly hanging out for Parallax & the Darkglass Suite to be ported, that would solve most of my personal gripes with it. Otherwise, the only other thing I’ve noticed is that the tuner really doesn’t seem to work well with ultra low tunings - I still have to use my Peterson strobostomp HD on the board and that feels kind of silly with this sort of hardware sitting right next to it.


I feel that! I’ve never actually tried the plugins… I’m thinking I need to get the demos and try them out.

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Yeah, bass players need a bit more QC love.

The SuperSymmetry needs to be added.

And I’d love some more proper amps from Aguilar etc.


At the moment I have OC-2 in fx loop. There must be something difficult about modeling analog octaver because no one have made it fine. Ive tried Helix and many plugins (Amplitube 5 etc…) and it never feel natural. So NDSP please make it decent! :blush: And everything else in the list would be great!


That’s exactly how I see it.
A multiband compressor would be a very helpful thing.
At the moment I use a TC Spectracomp in the effects loop so that I have a multiband compressor at my disposal.
I also have the problem with the tuner, which is a bit annoying, but I work with a clip tuner anyway because the QC is installed in a rack.

Yep! I would have paid for the QC to run Parallax and have some effects, basically. :rofl:

OC-2 request seconded - it’s probably a tough one - how do you replicate that sound we love which is the result of a glitchy behaviour? :slight_smile:

I’d like a feature which I liked in the Helix - a % mix for IRs, which would allow for blending cabs/IRs without having to create a parallel path.

Oh and we need IRs to have their own blocks - distinct from Cabs!

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As a bassist this is why I went with this unit over the competition.
I know Doug will come through for us.


Definitely down for an OC-2 (plus would double for guitar players. EBS Octabass would work too.

And on the “dare to dream” end, an EHX Bass Micro Synth engine.

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More more more!!! JUST MOOOOORE

I think the Quad has more bass stuff than the AxeFx doesn’t it?

No idea, I’ve never used an AxeFX. I sold a Helix to purchase the QC and can confirm that Helix has more bass specific stuff than the QC does currently.

I am with Y’all, I bought this just for my Bass(s) I am loving it but more Basscentric stuff would be welcome. QC and El Whappo seem to do the job nicely. Still, Not too shabby when I plug in a guitar.
Wish I had this 30 years ago :slight_smile:

Fantastisc request! And voted!

I would include EBS Family Amps (Fafner I &II, TD650 & 660, HD350 & 360; Trace Elliot; Complete Ampeg Familiy…

On the other side, we need also specific boutique premium bass preamps: Monique, Noble, Neve, etc…

And, of course, specific Bass FX.


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Yes +1 on more bass content. I put in a Feature Request for Aguilar DB750 and EBS 802 amps. Microsynth would be next on my list.

I took the QC plunge after playing the Darkglass Ultra plugin. I couldn’t believe that I was hearing excellent bass tone out of a computer. I also love the Plini. So, yes also looking forward to support for the plugins.

More Darkglass products in general would be great!!! I’d love to have access to all the features of one their amps instead of simply tweaking a capture. I’d like to think Doug could make this happen. :wink:

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Main thing for me would be the option to mute without longpress on the tempo switch, never use the tempo switch.
Would love to see an emulation of the fulltone bass-drive (with additional blend).

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EBS amps, Darkglass pedals, more cabs as already mentioned.

A simple way of adding a mix knob to overdrives and captures. This is essential with some dirt boxes for making them work for bass and a simple mix knob would be much easier than a splitter path and also not compromise on using the splitter path for other stuff.

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The mix % thing is so essential - It drives me crazy that it’s not there. It should be on almost every block like with fractal and kemper

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A one press button to activate the mute option in scene mode.

Add iconics bass amp (EBS, Aguilar …) and more Cab !
The SuperSymmetry is a real need ! and the KHDK Abyss Bass Overdrive
Run the Parallax plugin :heart_eyes: (The darkglass Ultra one too)

Anything and everything bass related will make me happy with the quality of NeuralDSP

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