Amp Channels Request

My favorite drive channel of any amp is the Dual Rec Channel 2 Vintage mode. I see a lot of amps with multiple channels, and that the Channel 3 raw, vintage and modern is included, but it doesn’t hit the same as the whole tonestack leans into the vintage channel really getting to shine.

I’d love it if the dual rec got all 9 channels. About to pull the trigger on one of these selling my fm9 and the only thing that has me hesitating is the channel not being in the QC. I’ll still most likely pop over, but it would be super cool to get that added.

You can always download a capture or make one yourself but you may get more responses if you post as a feature request.

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Appreciate it. I’ve never actually joined a forum before this haha. That’s how badly I want it in there for bottom to top patch building haha. My last resort was gonna be to rent a dual rec from someone to have at it with making the capture if nothing else. From the Kemper world of profiling, there is just a difference being able to make a tone from scratch vs the picture of the amp in that moment for guitar swaps and stuff.

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I think more things are being added all the time. But I will say this; I am also a fractal user. But having 1000 cabs and 300 amps is not practical for me. Having the ability to capture an amp - well that is great. The cool thing here is you can capture the amp how you like it vs a flat setting. I do that a lot and I need in the capture block is the over volume control. I really like to run a Victory v30 with just a bit of ep booster. I captured that and it is great. I capture the AF models I like - bam. The helix models bam. Plug-ins bam. Pedals etc. a lot more useful for me.


I get that, 2 years in the kemper world just highlighted the slight con’s to profile/capture vs amp modeling in the ways of making adjustments like I would whatever amp I am wanting to use digitally. That’s part of what makes the QC so captivating for me. I can use captures of my AC30 or just use their modeled AC30, same with the Fenders and some mesa’s. I can also only afford 1 unit at a time, so the FM9 is on it’s way out. Once it sells the QC is in my life, haha. My biggest headache with the fractal is the gap I get switching scenes. Only footswitch mode on it has almost no gap. Even scene’s with “no noticeable gap” have gap enough that if I don’t make the change half a second before I would stomp on a regular pedal or my old RJM, I miss the downbeat, which kills my performance vibe because I start to live in that timing mistake that I felt should’ve died along with the AX8.

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