Parallax wish list

Hey folks, thought I’d throw my wish list for Parallax out there just in case.

  1. The tuner obviously, I suspect that will be in the next build.
  2. A better way to see the actual settings on the graphic EQ and maybe a double click to zero feature. It’s really hard for me to see when I have the sliders at 0.
  3. A way to disable the cab section but KEEP the mid and high signal. Not sure why disabling the cab turns off all of the mid and high portions of the signal since a DI signal is pretty common when recording modern bass. Most of the presets in DG suite have no cab/IR enabled but this isn’t really possible with Parallax for some reason.

Along with #3 suggestion by @christian … more mainstream Ampeg amp type presets. Everything seems targeted towards hard core and metal. Even with the distortion on mid and high set very low, there is still a lot of fuzz/buzz in the signal.

The ML Soundlab Ampg IRs warm up Parallax quite a bit. Worth a shot if you haven’t tried them before.

I own some Ampeg ST IRs … I’ll give them a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

Without derailing this thread I would second the use of third party IRs for this plugin (Red Wires SVT 8x10 for example).

In so far as suggestions for updating this plugin I suggest MIDI functionality and a tuner to be realistic, a tweeter feature a la the Darkglass Ultra plugin but different ‘flavour’ distortions would be a dream update.

Although the Parallax works perfectly for what I do, I would suggest something similar to the toggles on the darkglass pedals where you have like hi and low gain distortions and hard clip and softclip for instance

I agree. I passed on it even on sale because of this. Parallel processing is still quite useful even when tamed down more than this plugin will tame. I also agree with other suggestions in the thread. It’s a great plugin for grinding bass, but it could appeal to a much wider audience imo with a few updates.

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