Update requests for BASS and also QC in general

Hello! This is a request for a few updates to the QC.
I would love more options in the bass department. Both when it comes to amps and cabs but also fuzzes and drives.
I also miss a MIX/Blend knob in all captures and the existing soviet fuzz and exotic bass Z boost.

It would also be nice if the mixer and splitter could be controlled in stomp mode and not just scene mode.

On the effects side I also miss a ring modulator.

And since presets can be changed using the arrow up and down buttons, maybe holding down the tempo and down arrow button only need to swithc between stomp and scene mode? Or if you could define what pushing down the mode buttons do by yourself in some sort of menu that would be cool.

Love the QC! This is just some things I have been missing lately. Looking forward to 2.0.0