Analog Octave

As a bass player, the QC has replaced EVERYTHING on my board with the exception of my analog octave. The pitch effects just don’t do it for me. I know their are a lot of requests for an OC2 style octave pedal, but the recent horrid Line 6 attempt at the OC2 has me weary of requesting a digital attempt of an OC2 style pedal. My go to has always been the MXR M288 Bass Octave Deluxe, which the Helix does an incredible job of replicating (even though I think their model is actually based on the EBS Bass Octave pedal?). I currently have the Aguilar Octamizer in my QC effects loop. I would love nothing more than to only bring the QC to practice/gigs. Something to give me those full, thunderous lows!

I second that! I just switched to the QC and my OC-5 is not going anywhere for the time being, though I’d love it if it did. Either an OC-2 or and MXR BOD model would be fantastic. I can’t say I’ve tried the Octamiser, though I’ve drooled over a couple before reminding myself I’m try to have fewer pedals! Yes, I have a GAS problem… which the QC has (mostly) cured!

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Bumping this. Now that 2.0 (and is fantastic BTW) I think we are all hoping there will be some focus on effects, and as a bass player this would be a great addition.

My reason to return the qc were: HP amp octaver and envelope are not on par with the ones I am used to.
I also wish a better octaver and affects focused on bass !
But I have to say one thing… a lower octave imho sound better when sintetic for scientific reason.

I’m in on this request; the OC2 has been on my pedalboard since the mid nineties while everything else around it has come & gone, would be great to see an accurate model of it included in the QC.