Midi latency

Any updates on the midi latency issue? I’m reading a lot of fellow users with this issue. I’m also experiencing latency issues. I’m using the Morningstar MC8 with sensitivity set to 5 (so zero latency), yet when I switch the scenes on the Quad Cortex itself it goes immediately, however doing the same via the Morningstar it takes 100ms or more. Not useable in a live situation. I’m also planning to use ableton cc’s for my solo shows, which was my method when I gigged with the Strymon Iridium and worked perfectly, but I read people are also having latency issues with Ableton/Cubase/Logic… Actually just all external midi triggering. I’m really loving the Quad Cortex and don’t want to go back to anything else, but I need it to switch scenes instantly with midi, or else it’s useless to me. I didn’t have any experience with the previous os, since I updated upon purchase, but it seems the issue for most started with the corOS 2.0? I also cannot get scene B to trigger. I went over the programming on the Morningstar a million times, but it’s perfectly fine, set up exactly as the other scenes and the other scenes do trigger, just a bit delayed. Hoping for some good news here. Thanks!

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I seriously hope this gets addressed

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I use an MC8 to switch scenes in QC and have not noticed any significant latency. I have noticed latency when using an expression pedal for a Wah. That has improved in recent QC updates, it use to be worse. But it still doesn’t track the way a Wah does.


That’s weird. Which CorOS are you on? When I switch scenes on the QC itself, it’s immediate, with the MC8 however there is noticeable delay, even though it’s in loopermode. I tried sensitivity 3,4 and 5 on the MC8, doesn’t seem to make any difference, where 5 should be 0 latency. I also let it switch some of my effect pedals and they respond without any delay. It’s only the QC. Haven’t tried a wah pedal yet, but am planning to use an expression pedal with it too. I’ve also read on other blogs people having this issue and most of them didn’t have any issues with the previous OS, I’m hoping that therefore it’s a minor bug fix they can fix in a new update.

Update on not being able to trigger scene B:

I’ve managed to trigger scene B with a double tap function on the MC8, but the same button on the MC8 works perfectly with single tap in my page to trigger the looper of the QC. There’s definitely some weird midi communication going on inside the QC.
The latency issue still remains and is really getting on my nerves. Please Neural, this can’t be a hard fix. :crossed_fingers:

I don’t want to sound rude, but there is no MIDI latency. There’s always some slight gap when switching presets in any MIDi device, and that is what some people confuse with latency. As someone wrote earlier, just try using an external midi switcher to change scenes, and you will not notice any gaps. Same as just turning on effects on a midi capable analog pedal, like the Wampler Pantheon, no gaps.

Thanks for the reply, but as I explained above, I am really talking about latency. When switching scenes on the QC itself with the footswitches, I have no latency, it happens immediately. However, when assigning them on my Morningstar MC8, using its footswitches, I have a very noticeable delay and when switching too fast back and forth even not responding. This is not workable in a live situation. I’ve heard and read a lot of similar complaints from other users, some even stating that with the previous corOS they didn’t have this problem and, with nothing changing in their setup, now they do. My Morningstar MC8 is completely setup to have 0ms latency and with my other midi gear/pedals works insanely fast, without any noticeable delays/latency. So the problem is with the QC.

Also notice I have been talking about switching scenes and not presets and using an external midi switcher for that since my first post.

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Understood. Maybe is time to contact tech support on both companies, maybe someone can figure it out. Or at least someone can confirm, or replicate your issue when using the 2 devices together. I will try one of my midi switchers as soon as I have a chance to see if a get the same problem.

I do use midi to turn on/off the 2 sides of the wampler pantheon per scene, and it works fine in my situation.

Hope you can get it solved.

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@RexRemus has created a series of video tutorials on YT based on using the Morningstar controller with the QC. I think he’d be the resident expert, perhaps he could chime in here regarding the delay/gap/latency?

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My personal experience tracks with @jamsden - EXP stuff can still be slow/laggy and seems to have a hard rate limit lower than what it should be (that has varied from release to release and I’ve made Neural aware of it) but scene/preset/whatever “general” messages - simple CC values are near enough to “instant” as to not be noticeable.

Even in a “heavy” preset, scene switching should always be near instant (within the QC) as once the preset is loaded everything stays running 100% of the time which is what allows scene switching to be so quick.

What I would ask is - what does the preset look like on the MC8? Are you using multiple actions? (press/release/long-press/double-tap) When you enable things like long-press and double tap that can add additional latency to messages you have attached to press/release actions - this is because the MC8 itself needs to “wait” to see if that initial press is a short one, or a long one, or if a second press is coming (for a double tap) - so there’s a small delay introduced so it can properly determine which action(s) should be triggered.

So depending on what you want to have happen you might want to assign an action to a press vs a release (or conversely a release vs a press because there is an order of operations for how actions get triggered, see a matrix here: Action Type List )

So my advice would be to look at how your preset on the MC8 is setup and maybe try to tweak the assignment of the scene change CC and see if that can remove some delay. beyond that, I’d still contact Neural support anyway, just to have that request in motion and see what they come back with


Are you using any double tap action on the MC8 switch? This add latency. From the MC manual:

Double Tap action

If you have a double tap action programmed into your preset, this will add some latency, whether or not your Switch Sensitivity setting is set to 5 or whether you are in Looper Mode. This is because, when there is a double tap action added to your preset, the controller now needs to determine whether a press action is actually a double tap instead. Hence, for press action, there is that added latency where the controller is waiting to see if a second tap is going to occur.