Using MIDI Foot controller to control QC scenes - Always goes through Scene A before going to CC'd Scene, HELP?

Hi all,

I’m currently using an RJM PBC 6X to MIDI control my Quad Cortex Scenes via footswitches in a way that a single QC Preset would be a song, and the scenes are the different amp models I’m bypassing/engaging throughout a song for different tones i.e. Clean, FX Heavy, OD etc.

The issue I’m running into is that I have the right CC command to select the scenes I’ve matched to each footswitch on the PBC, but no matter what the QC is insistent on having to go back through whichever scene I saved on last within that preset.

For example:

I saved on Scene A in the Preset.
I can seamlessly switch From Scene A to any other scene.
QC forces signal to go back to Scene A if I try go from any other Scene to another i.e. Scene E to B.
QC only will give seamless switching if I switch to Scene A then go to my other desired Scene, which is essentially what it is forcing itself to do anyway and is resulting in the multiple amps/stomps of One scene > Scene A > To the next Scene with those sounds blaring through the output before settling to the right Scene.

This could be the same deal no matter what Scene I last saved on, be it A to H, it will always quickly flash to its ‘home-base’ then go to the correct Scene I had programmed to select.

Is there anyway to disable tis feature that the QC wishes to default to its last saved on Scene? I’m sure there are people out there who have used a MIDI foot controller with the QC and not had this issue, as this swapping through signal chains rapidly is just as useful as the pause in sound loading entire presets.

I’m using an MC-8 to do scene switching in QC so the QC can be left in stomp mode all the time. The “default” scene is the one you have selected when you save. I have not problems switching from any scene directly to any other scene immediately. It never goes through the default scene. Try using a MIDI monitor to verify what CC messages your MIDI controller is sending. Also, are you using both MIDI in and out cables? If so, I wonder if you have a problem with MIDI Thru resending an extra CC message.

I managed to fix the issue!

Was a matter of turning off the ‘Send Redundant PCs’ setting in the Quad Cortex menu of the PBC editor software.
That essentially removed the need for each of the 5 scenes I wanted then defaulting to last saved scene on that preset, as the PBC could then understand that its not needing to go to the QC preset’s default scene each time, as the PC number for preset was the same across any of the PBC’s Preset pages.