MaxMSP collaboration

MaxMSP is software that allows creating your own effects, and is among the most established solutions in the industry.

The QC could significantly benefit from allowing users to create their own effects (which is different than capturing tones).

MaxMSP could significantly benefit from hardware integration such as by incorporation in the QC.

Establishing integration between Max & the QC sounds like a match made in heaven.

The owners are also European, perhaps it could be interesting to sit together?

It could crank up demand to the QC even more as it would become a very interesting tool for artists that make electronic music.

I love the idea of custom effects. I have used Max for Live in Ableton 11 Suite and I currently keep an Empress Zoia on my pedalboard next to my QC.

A Max collaboration is a really tough sell at this point while a desktop editor for QC does not yet exist (NDSP have confirmed that it’s being worked on, don’t @ me about it folks). Maybe in the future that could work out.

In the meantime, here is a request for LFO / gate / envelope controls to make QC parameters more customizable: