What I think would be cool!

I think this is more for when they release there computer based software for editing.

can you imagine you find a blend of fx that sit really well and you’d like to use those exact same of fx blend on another patch .

Well what if there was a tab in the software that would allow you to save the fx blend and capture it as its own stand alone pedal capture , so instead of having to choose each fx , and set them up , you can just select your own custom blend/ pedal and load it through the QC.

I was thinking it would work where your patch is loaded and, you hit a tab ( call it pedal maker?? ) you select the fx you want to add to your custom blend from a drop down box , save and name it , and then load it into any of your patches.

Any thoughts?

I agree with you . It makes sense ro be able to save custom devices , probably with a PC/Mac editor similar to user blocks for Fractal ,. It’s an easy and quicker way to build new patches . In fractal world every user block ( device for QC ) is saved in a folder categorized by type and it’s very clever and easy to work .

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On my current modeller as an example I have phaser, LFO and distortion blend that I really like as a solo tone.

To be able save that as one fx or an easy way to call it up as a saved/known blend would be so much better for when I just want it on another patch .

However I think you could take it one step further and make it a bit more fun, customisable and design the process as if it were your own custom pedal.

Furthermore it will breed creation , I can imagine some whacky ideas, and eventually when the QC has had time to advance I can imagine that if you save a blend or capture the instance of the blend by taking a snapshot of the current settings , it would most likely save in dsp like a captured vs a modelled one.

Ah well at this point it’s just an idea.

I think it’s a brilliamt idea but unfortunately Idon’t think it can be implemented .
Too much cpu intensive and the impossibility to capture atm time based fx ( for not just atm ) it makes very difficult or impossible to implement.

I have QC from about 2 days and spent several hours with it already . The power spreaded between line 1/2 and 3/4 makes it less capable of doing super hot routings .

The fact that you can’t put more than 2 delays or reverbs in a preset is a little underwhelming but overall QC sounds fantastic so I can live with it

I really like this idea, it seems like a great thing for people who like to have a consistent jumping off point.

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Yea I know right now it’s probably not possible … and capturing time based is not an option right now. But if it ever does become possible maybe this idea would be better suited then.

To be honest it’s slightly alarming to myself to hear that you can’t use more than two delays or reverbs at the same time. . As someone planning to use a wet / dry \ wet rig , that’s 3 amps off the bat , I suppose one delay and reverb into the wet amps would probably do , I think I’ll just have to get the unit and decide if it’s for me .

I do this kind of thing on my modeller right now. I save the amp and cab settings and name it ###base tone . It just means I can take a really good base sound , load it into a new patch and tweak to make it it’s own preset. Saves me setting up the amp and cab blocks every time. Im thinking of taking it a bit further and doing it for all the amps I like so I can just switch out my preferred settings for each amp and cab selection. It takes a bit of time in the beginning but saves time later on. I guess essentially it’s almost like a capture, and if I can find actual captures uploaded on the cloud that I can use, that will save me DSP too.

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