Genereal System Controls vs new amps or effects

I bring this up because I see the feature request forum seems flooded with “this pedal” or “that amp” requests which seems very specific to an aesthetic preference. (And seems like a never ending rabbit hole…) I feel like system control improvements are more aligned with real world professional needs and would greatly expand access to the true potential of the QC.

Personally, I can always find a wealth of high quality effects, amps etc, I don’t think that is ever a serious limitation. The QC sounds amazing!! (BTW, the new 2.0 OS addressed so many of the search fristreations, THANK YOU Neural!)

The most serious limitation I run into now is a lack of MIDI/ usb audio and external controls.

For example:
#1 - The dsp can handle many effects simultaneously, but I can only footswitch 8 due to the lack of external midi bypass function not tied to a physical switch on the unit.

#2 - I can’t use a two button stereo external switch to accomplish the above (Only single button supported)

#3 - It would be great to access a usb effects send and return instead of an alalog audio output (removing latency from D/A conversion).

#4 - Midi messages recieved via MIDI in can’t send thru to USB out

#5 - Tap tempo from QC not sent over usb (as far as I can tell)

#6 - Additional MIDI messages (On preset load messages) tied to footswitches, means no matter stomp and scene mode the same messages are sent.

I could go on, but the point being, while a desktop editor or new effects and amp are all wonderful, I would personally prioritize system control functions for the QC since that consistently frustrates me and is a reason why professionals might go for a competitors product even if it is a slight compromise in sound .


I too would like more flexible MIDI and footswitch mappings to stomps and parameter changes. I use an MC8 with QC to get the extra footswitches. But the QC MIDI implementation limits the overall functionality significantly. I end up having to use scenes to control stomps simply because QC limits stomp bypass to 8 blocks out of 32 available.

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