LFO,GATE,ENV assignable on module parameters

Hi to everyone, i’m ask to the Neural guys if we can wait for us on the next patchs, somethings like LFO,ENVELOPE,GATE assegnable on a module parameters,like the pedal expression. It would be a great implementation, it would allow to create very elaborate effects, without creating new modules.
Thanks a lot.

Absolutely! I think adding lfos, gates, envelope, and vca functionality would allow for an incredible depth of creative control. I would love to see some of the features that the empress Zoia supports being added to the QC in future patches.

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With a few mod, we can create some fantastic effects, without create some new block effect. On fractal this function allready exist , we can find if on morning star too. I think that start from the point of arrival of the others it’s the way to create the perfect multi fx machine.