LFO,GATE,ENV assignable on module parameters

Hi to everyone, i’m ask to the Neural guys if we can wait for us on the next patchs, somethings like LFO,ENVELOPE,GATE assegnable on a module parameters,like the pedal expression. It would be a great implementation, it would allow to create very elaborate effects, without creating new modules.
Thanks a lot.

Absolutely! I think adding lfos, gates, envelope, and vca functionality would allow for an incredible depth of creative control. I would love to see some of the features that the empress Zoia supports being added to the QC in future patches.


With a few mod, we can create some fantastic effects, without create some new block effect. On fractal this function allready exist , we can find if on morning star too. I think that start from the point of arrival of the others it’s the way to create the perfect multi fx machine.

Back in the good ol’ days, I used an Eventide H3000 for effects and shaping my tone. It had a “Function Generator”, which basically was an LFO that could be assigned to any parameter. So, instead of assigning an Expression Pedal to a parameter, one would be able to make the parameter “move” on its own.

For instance, this LFO could have a:

  1. Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle Square or Random setting
  2. Rate control
  3. the same Min/Max settings like on the Expression Pedal

Another additional step would be to engage the “function generator” via a Stomp switch or even an Expression Pedal.

Imagine a Tremolo slowly changing rates automatically or slowly extend a Reverb tail and back. The possibilities are endless and is just adding an LFO option to the “Assign Parameter To …” menu.

Thanks for reading my feature idea.


This would be super cool! Boss ES-8 has this for its expression outputs and I think the GT-1000 has it as well.
It allows for so many creative possibilities!

As a workaround for this in the meantime, if you have any MIDI waveform generator (such as most of the Morningstar controllers, but there are many others) you can assign that via the MIDI expression pedal CCs and get this functionality.

Would love to have at least LFOs and Envelopes. The unit I sold to buy this one has them customizable and assignable to just about any parameter. Fantastic way to get mileage and movement out of effects.

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Me too. I have immediate uses for this feature and have bought an Old Blood Noise Expression Ramper in the meantime. I’m going to make a preset that starts really dry and very slowly gets completely wet and delays everywhere. Then the beat will come in.

Bumped because I could REALLY use this in so many places. Just to name a few:

  1. Pitch Shifter changing every measure, beat, etc
  2. Auto swells of reverbs, gain, etc.
  3. Turn Freeze On/Off on the measure to create really spacey sounds
  4. Have a reverb “grow” over the span of several minutes

There are endless possibilities of how the user could apply this. Back in the Eventide H3000 days, this was called a Function Generator and was greatly inspiring to create strange, but musical sounds.

As always, a huge thanks to all at Neural for their hard work on this amazing device.

Bumping this request for newcomers.

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I thought of another use for this. An LFO with a “random” feature on a chorus could turn it into a Shallow Water pedal, which would be very cool.

Yeah having come from an Axe FX I really miss being able to control parameters via ENV. It adds SO many possibilities to your sounds. Eg. I had a patch on my Axe FX where a tremolo effect would slowly fade in as a chord faded in volume. Very simple and subtle but a total game changer.

Fantastic request. Not super useful in a lot of places, but neither is the expression pedal really. Would add a lot of flexibility to so many effects!

Also should have MIDI control of every parameter rather than just two expression pedal parameters. That’s not enough. That would also allow automation externally…

Per parameter LFOs are key. Also envelopes. Ideally, bunch of common LFO shapes, but also with the option to draw own LFO shapes on the touch screen. That would be killer!

MIDI programmable…

This is the feature i want the most i think.

The ultimate implementation for me would be to have at least 2x lfo and 2x env. If the lfo could be like the lfo in Serum ( world renowned vst synth by Xfer), that’d be sick. That way you can really control the rise and fall, but also draw custom shapes. But even if its just rate and shape, ill take it.

With the envelopes, it would be cool to be able to choose exactly where in the chain it triggers from. For example, the dry guitar is the trig, but the env is assigned to a cutoff on a filter that’s after a heap of distortion that’s trashed the original transient.

With just these 2 tools working in this way, it really opens things up for synth-like patches and nice moving atmospheres.

Your resident bass playing synth nerd, who like to make basses sound like synths :blush:


Agree. Synths and Beats!