Link 2 QC together, master and slave style

Could swear I’ve seen this idea posted before, but did a search and couldn’t find it

I’m already living in 2032 thrashing on a Octo Cortex.

Not even a week in, and the QC has revolutionised 100% how I approach songwriting. I just can’t stop treating it like a DAW, and Scenes mode is just bananas ridonculous.

Now I’m “stuck” with magnificent ideas I’m just unable to perform live, partly due to the 2x2 DSP allocation limitation, and… well… need more rows too.

A little context… starting a new power-duo project, where I do stereo guitar, bass and vocals. Hopefully all in the QC box, but already thought giving up vocals through the QC only to be able to free up an extra row… but for some songs I would lose the Scene magic on vocals. Can’t have that.

How lovely would it be able to gracefully link 2 QC together? One serving as master tempo and midi, the other just slaving its DSP.

Imagine the potential…