Is there still no way to use Global Bypass in the outputs and not in the rows?

Hello, I haven’t been able to find a solution to a problem since I bought the unit in October last year.

Previously I used kemper for my sound, I was very excited to switch to Neural, among other things to process more signals at the same time and use more developed effects.

From the beginning I had problems having to duplicate my signals to be able to use a cabinet and also go out to the P.A. of the places where I play. I have tried different solutions such as placing the send block before the cabinet block to send the signal to my physical cabinet and putting the simulation at the end to send it to the P.A.

The problem whit this, is that the effects are behind the cabinet and previously I could not control the volume of the send block with the master knob, but it is currently the solution most suited to what I would like to have.

The next solution was to duplicate my chains by adding the same post cabinet simulation effects and select different outputs for each row, one with and another without simulation, the problem with this is that I have to waste a processing chain and for more demanding effects such as acoustic guitar simulation, Synthesizer or something of the style, I can not duplicate the effects and in case of having two instruments connected the outputs are amplified and it sounds too much through the P.A.

The solution I propose is to be able to use the unit just like Kemper, which has 2 outputs with cabinet simulation, and 2 without simulation, all this with an option from the menu where you can select to turn on or off the simulation of those 2 outputs. That is, I do not understand why to have a global bypass for each row, when what is needed is actually a global bypass for each output, in which I could select output 1 (xlr) with cabinet simulation and output 3 (1/4") without cabinet simulation.

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