Dedicated Cab Sim Bypass in I/O

I want to suggest a possible feature that was able to be done on the Kemper that I know will make the cortex even better than it is already. My suggestion is the ability to choose which output bypasses any cab IR… for example I go to the I/O screen and go to let’s say output 1L and there is an option to toggle Cab IR… with that I can then choose Multi out and send let’s say output 2,3, or 4 to front on house with the cab IR active and output 1 being that it has the cab ir bypassed can then go to a poweramp and sent to a cab on stage for stage volume…

Don’t know why this isn’t getting more traction. Its such a useful feature for a device like this.

The customer journey here is that a preset is build at home using headphones or monitors, then caring the device to gig using a solid state amp for on stage sound while, like you said, having front of house getting the final sound including cap IR.

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This would save me so much hassle when building presets. I run stereo into FOH and mono into a cab on stage.

The wiring, splitting and reverb duplicating I have to do to get around this is a bit of a pain.

This as a feature on its own is not necessary. You don’t need to split or duplicate anything to do this. just put an fx loop (send) block just before the cab block and your stereo outs and use one of the other outputs.

Don’t think that abusing the clean UI with hacks is the best way to go about it. A user who wants to be creative or adapt to a situation doesn’t want to come up with some out of the box routing ideas, just give us the option to make certain things global settings. Clean, easy and most importantly intuitive.

I do this on my Kemper Stage, as well. FOH & monitors get a signal with the cabinet and I go monitor out with the cab sim bypassed to FX loop return on a JCM900. I have the main output set to -20db and the volume knobs only controls the send to the amp which allows me to control what I hear on stage. Before you poo-poo this, yes you are technically running an amp thru an amp, but it’s not that bad PLUS IF the profiler/modeler goes down you have an amp you can quickly plug into to keep going. If you use a wedge you can balance your sound between the wedge and the amp and find an amazing sweetspot on the stage where the amp/guitar become super responsive. So, another vote for the QC to be able to bypass the cab sim AND and assign the volume knob to selected outputs . Before you say this is stupid you need to try it. It sounds great AND you have a backup amp ready to go, if needed.