Cab/IR Global Bypass what is it good for?

Hi, i was hoping that this feature would make it possible to bypass an CAB Block on a specific Output, much like my kemper did. The Output with the bypass goes to my amps effects return and the unbypassed Output goes to FOH. i could so spare all of the double “after-Cab” effects, which eats processor power. But that does not seem to be the idea behind that new feature? what is this good for then?


They really need to add Global Bypass based on physical output. It seems like they responded to the feature request for this with a feature that probably significantly fewer, if any, users were asking for. It may come in handy in some setups but not nearly as much as a bypass based on which output you are connected to.

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Essentially I think it’s for people that might use a power amp and normal cab one night, then switch to a fully DI’d set up the next night.
It just means you can bypass all cabs without editing every preset.

Unfortunately that’s not really very useful for 99% of people I think.

I too was hoping it would work how you are wanting it to. Even making the send blocks able to use outputs 3/4 would work, and we could all just add that in before the cab and put any effects we need before it instead.

At the moment I am just having to sacrifice the effects loops as amp sends instead. Which is annoying as I could really do to use them.