Disable cab IRs on a selected output

When using a Kemper, I am able to disable Cab IRs on specific outputs, while leaving other outputs with it enabled.

This allows me to have an output that I can send to FOH with the Cab IRs on, and an output that I can send to a power amp/cabinet on stage.



Couldn’t you route to a different output before the IR?

Yes, that is a valid option. Though, it would require extra routing for each preset and duplication of post cab effects on that lane. All of which seems unnecessary and a waste of resources.

Why not have the ability to bypass cabs on an output and remove the need for any of this.

Again, I hate to bring up the Kemper but that is exactly how it is handled by them.

I think that’s a good point: having the ability to disable cab simulation at the output makes sense; but @maak has a good point too: just run a splitter off your main row pre cab block to feed your stage rig. one caveat would be: if you like delays/reverbs after cab block you would need to duplicate them on the splitter path.

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Running a splitter on top of having to duplicate post effects seems very inefficient. Hence me bringing this up. :slightly_smiling_face:

Great explanation. you got my vote!

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I’ve asked for exactly the same option through the live chat support, allowing disable cab sim for any out put can really simplify browsing the QC for people using a poweramp with real cab like I do, please consider this for a next upgrade dear developers :wink: splitting the signal before cabsim is okay when creating new preset but not if I want to browse existing factory presets.


I think where we differ on this is that you seem to think that it can be done some other way. With the flexible routing in the QC, if this was a feature, they’d just be “wasting resources” behind the scenes.


Fair enough, I am making an assumption about what would consume more/less resources. Neither of us known the answer to that.

What I don’t believe I am making an assumption about is the UX benefits added by my suggested implementation. Having to take up another lane and reproduce post-effects on that lane for every preset, though it can be done, is undesirable from a management and ease of use standpoint.

Agreed I use a power amp and cab all the time… it is super painful to go through every preset and try to fix/reroute everything the Fractal can turn it off globally.

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The Kemper also has the ability to turn cabs off on an output. I can only imagine the Helix does as well.

I can see it being a handy feature if you have presets you like and would want to use those with a poweramp and cab instead, so you don’t need to go through the presets and toggle them all off manually. So some sort of global cab bypass maybe would be good? However, I’m not sure it could tell if you were to use a capture of a poweramp + cab, plus of course if it’s a capture with a cab baked in it wouldn’t work either.

Also as for routing the same signal to one outputs with the cab and another without the cab while still having post-cab effects, I also don’t think it would save any resources compared to doing it manually, since the QC needs to run two instances of the same post-cab effect anyway, one that has the cab signal and one without the cab signal. There’s really no way around that I’m afraid. So it wouldn’t help much in that case.

Again, all speculation. Neither you or I know how resources would be handled to accomplish this. The only thing we know for sure is this feature request offers a better UX then the way we would be/are required to accomplish this now.

I’ve found a good workaround is to put an fix send block just before your cab, and place your cab right at the end of your chain. Agree though, this feature would be great.

I know very little about the Kemper, but I’m struggling to see how it can do this unless the cab sim is always at the end of the signal chain?

Consider the following signal chain:

Input → Drive → Amp → Delay → Reverb → Cab Sim → Output(s)

If you wanted to have outputs without the cab sim, along with outputs that do include the cab sim, you could tap off those outputs just after the reverb.

Now consider this signal chain:

Input → Drive → Amp → Cab Sim → Delay → Reverb → Output(s)

If you tap off before the cab sim, your “cab-free” output won’t have any delay or reverb.

In this scenario, I can’t see how the Kemper can give you both an output that includes cab sim, delay, and reverb, and an output that only has delay and reverb, but no cab sim, because it would require two different signals to be processed by the delay and reverb.

Perhaps someone can enlighten me?

I am not going to speculate how they pull it off but Kemper 100% solves the problem you/I are outlining. They have what is called “monitor” outs and you can explicitly say “monitor cab off” on those outs. Of which, does not remove any post cab effects.

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that’s the same conundrum I discussed 13 days ago in this thread… and the OP essentially responded that’s their whole point.

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Not a bad idea but I need to save the few votes I have left.

Definetly a MUST HAVE.
In all my preset i put the cab at the end of the chain as suggested in the manual ( and as i used to do in the Fractal world, as I need output 1 to go with cab to FRFR and output 2 go without cab to my SD170 and real cab). But it would be great to have the possibility to choose cab sim ON/OFF for every output

I think this is a more general problem. The “monitor cab off” case might be the most prominent one, but there are other cases where you might want certain things enabled/disabled based on the setup you are currently in (live/studio/practice). For instance I use the QC as a pedal board replacement in front of my amp, so I want the signal to be without amp, cab and post-cab reverb/ambience. At the same time I might want the foh signal to include the amp and cab blocks. I also want to use the same preset to practice at home and there I will need the amp, cabinet and ambience blocks.
All of this can be configured already within one preset and I can just use different outputs. What would be super nice, and might also fix other peoples use cases, if we could define “sub-blocks”. So I could use an existing prefab (for instance my amp/cab/ambience setup) as a block on the grid. That way I could just insert that block at the end of all my presets (because it will be the same for all of those) and bypass it whenever i need.