Can't get the new Global Bypass to do what I need

The new Global Bypass for cab, IR and cab captures is much appreciated. But I’m not sure how it’s intended to be used. What I need is the ability to have two QC outputs, one that goes to FOH and IEMs with a cab block, and one that goes to my stage amp that uses guitar speakers, and and no cab block.

What I thought Global Bypass would do is allow us to choose which QC outputs cabs would be bypassed for. In my case that would be Out 3/4 which goes to my Powercab 212 run in Raw mode (basically a powered guitar speaker cabinet, no tweeter, no processing). Then I could use one path with a cab block sent to the muli-output with out 1/2 to FOH and IEMs including the cab block, and out 3/4 to the stage amp wouldn’t.

Instead Global Bypass only controls what rows the cab block will be bypassed in. This doesn’t help my scenario because I still have to use two row, one for out 3/4 with no cab block and another row for out 1/2 that does have a cab block. I really didn’t want to use a whole row for just this simple routing option.

It appears what the Global Bypass is intended to do is to allow us to create patches that can be used into a FRFR or into a powered guitar speaker by just changing the Global Bypass setting. The cab block will be on or off depending on the amplifier type. That’s fine, but it doesn’t address the need to have two outputs at the same time, one with cab, and one without cab and only requiring one row.

Maybe I’m missing something. Anyone have any ideas on how to best use Global Bypass?

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I imagined the purpose was to easily switch between cab sim / no cab sim on all outputs (or selected rows).
E.g. using a preset with a real cab connected to out1/2 (cabs globally bypassed) and then use the same preset for a FOH gig on out1/2 with a cab sim.
I always use different outputs for FOH and for going to my guitar cab on stage, so I guess I will not use the feature.

Or, and this might well be the case, I missed something…

I agree with you, it would seem to have been much more useful to have this work by output rather than row. I think the most common scenario would be exactly what you described - one output going to front of house with cab/IR, and another output going to an amp/cab on stage that has the QC’s cab/IR bypassed.

If they could add the option of outputs to the global bypass functionality to the current row by row options, this would be a much better and more utilized feature. As you mentioned, the current implementation requires using what should be an unnecessary split/merge for what would probably be the most common scenario the global bypass would be used for.

IMHO this is a quirky implementation for global bypass but if improved to include output options, would be extremely powerful and useful. Implemented with output options you could even theoretically have the ‘Multi-Out’ output block setting selected, and still get the global cab-bypassed signal to the correct destination. This would completely negate the need for multiple output blocks and split/merges when using the global bypass.

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Agree it would be better by output and not by row. Now I still need make specific routing to for rows intended for global bypass. I move between two settings one with FRFR and one with a bass cab. For see it would have been more convenient to have it set by outputs.

Not sure if the above will work, but that was my response to the other thread.

I don’t believe you need the global bypass friend. In your case I believe you should setup one block of output to go to the front of house. I usually use xlr 1 and 2 in stereo. Then the output 3 and sometimes 4 are used to send other signals. For example I use the line splitter and send a signal to output three to either a cab pre cab out of QC or a mirror image w/ the cab block to the return of an amp with an effects loop. Output 4 and even usb outs can be used to expand into mic, clicks etc. the global bypass should be used to quickly toggle between using the cab or not for those who have to vary equipment all the time

I run stereo and already use a send to drive a vocal processor. So the only option is to use two rows, one that sends cab block to out 1/2 to FOA/IEM and another that sends out 3/4 to Powercab 212 in Raw mode.

I can save the row for 3/4 by using multi-out and running Powercab in FRFR mode, the cab block is on all the time in this case. But Powercab sounds a lot better raw without a cab block in QC.

For me the issue with requiring two rows to have different outputs means I can’t use the two rows for something else - including having the Leslie on a parallel path so I can adjust the wet/dry mix. This is because the Leslie block doesn’t have a mix control, something I think most blocks should have. The new IR loader is also missing a Mix parameter which limits their use for acoustic body images without having to include a neutral IR.

Wish I was a Beta tester so I could make these suggestions.

Yeah I wish the multi output could be customized to remove an output so that vocals could be isolated more easily from the stage and front of house sends. The multi out could be used for stereo front of house guitar and a stage amp for example and and still have other rows for other instrument/vocal