Introducing Archetype: Plini X

Archetype: Plini X is a free update for customers who already own Archetype: Plini.
Get 30% off Archetype: Plini X if you do not own Archetype: Plini until October 30th.

:fire: Rebuilt using our most advanced plugin technology
:fire: 3 beautiful amplifiers
:fire: Compressor
:fire: Octaver new
:fire: Boost/Overdrive updated with fuzz
:fire: Pre-delay new
:fire: Cabsim + IR Loader
:fire: 9-band graphic EQ updated with HPF/LPF
:fire: Chorus new
:fire: Reverb
:fire: Delay updated with tape modulation
:fire: Transpose, Doubler, Metronome, Live Tuner new
:fire: Redesigned UI
:fire: Quad Cortex compatibility with a future CorOS update

Five years ago, we embarked on a groundbreaking journey with one of the most innovative and refreshing electric guitarists of our time, Plini. His remarkable sound, a blend of progressive, fusion, and metal styles, inspired us to create a plugin that could match his versatility and artistry.

Plini’s collaboration brought out the best in us as engineers and musicians, inspiring us to create a plugin equipped with cutting-edge technology. What emerged was Archetype: Plini, a sonic masterpiece that not only met Plini’s exacting standards but set a new standard in the industry.

Five years later, we’re pleased to introduce an evolution of our original masterpiece, providing artists with the modern tools they need to bring their musical visions to life, echoing the success and artistic growth that Plini has achieved over the past half-decade. It’s a reflection of our commitment to enhancing the music-making experience and celebrating Plini’s extraordinary contribution to the world of music.

We proudly present to you, Archetype: Plini X.


Just installed and tested it shortly (Mac intel) wonderful surprises! What surprised me is that it does not replace/overwrites the old Plini plugin but is a seperate app!

The additions are great, octaves, fuzz, and also the doubler is great new functionality. What I really like is that they included a ton of new presets which use the new effects and are made by the likes of Lettieri and Rabbae! Go figure…

I think the interface/visuals are not an improvement. Less refined, less detailed, less life-like… probably has to do with Cortex compatibility…

And now play some more!


how did you update? i only get the option to buy the plini x version

Yep. Just go to download section from the upper right menu while being logged in. Just download and rock on

Nice, I like it.

But you’ve removed the ability to type “/” into the Save As dialogue box - which means you can’t save presets into custom folders in the user directory. What’s the deal with that?

probably because this version is optimized for Quad Cortex compatibility and it’ll need to know where to look to parse those presets. Maybe they needed to assure that it’s a fixed location for it to integrate with the plugin, computer, CoCo, and the QC

Just download and install. For me it works with my existing Plini license. It also automatically imported all my user presets from Plini.

FEATURE REQUEST: After spending some time with the X plugin (great stuff!), I would suggest to improve the usability/visibility of the ‘always on’ tuner. The dots’ visibility and the exact relative position of the ‘moving’ dot is unclear. I really like the way it is implemented on the Axe FX3 main screen. Clear and simple (although I would like a little wider/detailed info or even better a strobe type)

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agreed the tuner really needs to be green and red not white and grey. The plugin is amazing!


+1 for live tuner colouring. Visibility and legibility is more important than aesthetics and styling for this feature.


Hello there! I just wanted to know if anyone else is facing MIDI mapping issues with the updated Plini X plugin.

I explained the issue in details here on the community but got no replies, which makes me wonder if there aren’t many people using this type of mapping feature or a similar rig.

I contacted Neural’s Costumer Support and they said they’d be investigating the issue, but no news so far either.

Has anyone experienced issues with MIDI on the latest version?
If you haven’t really tried mapping presets with a midi controller, would you mind trying it out and letting me know the results?

Thank you :metal:

The Plini X plugin is super but anyone knows how to dial in a jazz rock/ fusion lead tone?

I’m using a Revstar 820 but somehow haven’t been lucky enough to get this tone.

Chords and cleans are easy with almost any of the NDSP plugins but not a fusion/ jazz rock tone.


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@rbendrats there’s a Jack Gardiner video playing with some of his presets on this plugin, and he often does cool tones for fusion stuff. See if it helps:

That surprises me, many of the lead Plini presets in the plugin work great for me, instant great lead tones. What works for me is really working with my volume and tone pots. Bridge pickup while lowering both volume and tone dials down the hotness of some lead tones but still gets thru in the mix. It’s what guys like Scott Henderson do all the time. Also, try to dial down the gain for lead and turn down delay mix to let your tone be more prominent.

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