Any word on an update release date?

I saw a comment in the Nolly thread stating that the next update was in beta and should be ready around March - is Plini on the same timeframe? Really hoping to get the reverb static issue solved (any word on a Parallax update would be great as well - works great, would just love a built-in tuner).

Hey @darin.bays. The reverb issue should be solved. So far the timeline for the updates is: Plini > Nolly > Parallax.

Are you saying that the current download available for Plini fixes the issue or that the issue will be solved in the next update? I just looked into downloading it and it doesn’t appear that there have been any changes made to the file since the May 6th update.

No, I’m sorry for the misconception. The upcoming update should solve the reverb bug in high sample rate sessions.

I’m also having the reverb issue( I
was losing my mind ! thought it was my interface or headphones ) both with Nolly and Plini how will you make us aware of the update?
Or do we need to keep referring to this thread ?

There should be a thread announcing the update for each Plug-In. You may also receive a notification if you’re subscribed to the newsletter.

Either way, I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

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That would be great !

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Hey guys. The update for Archetype: Plini was just released:

A clean install is recommended (Uninstall the previous version before installing the new one).

If you experience any issues, please contact

Thank you for your patience.

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