Archetype Plini X - MIDI mapping issue on the latest version ( v1.0.0 - X )

Hi everyone,

I hope it’s appropriate to discuss this technical issue here. I’ve already been in contact with support via email, and they are currently looking into it. However, I wanted to bring it up in this forum as well, as it might be something others are struggling with too, and perhaps the discussion under this topic could provide additional insights and potential solutions that might benefit everyone facing a similar problem.

Here’s what’s happening:

I’ve been using Archetype Nolly and Archetype Rabea for live performances for a while now, and I have have never had any issues. My setup includes using a Bluetooth MIDI controller (I’m using the M-Vave Chocolate wireless MIDI controller, which I guess is kind of a budget version of the Hotone Ampero Control, but it does the job), which allows me to switch presets using the footswitches A, B, C and D. This setup has been flawless with both Nolly and Rabea plugins (even simultaneously), where I map CC messages (like CC #00, CC #01, etc.) to different presets. A specific feature of this particular controller is the ability to use combined footswitch presses (A+B for “E” and C+D for “F”) to navigate preset pages.

However, with the recent addition of Archetype Plini X, I’m facing a significative issue with the MIDI mapping, as it isn’t responding like on the other plugins. When I press any of the A, B, C, or D switches, there’s no response from Plini X – it’s as if the plugin isn’t receiving the messages. The weirdest thing is that when I use the combined presses for page navigation. For instance, pressing C+D, which should send “F” for page navigation on the controller triggers the response for CC #03, normally sent by D alone. Similarly, pressing A+B, meant to send “E”, results in the plugin reacting to CC #02, typically sent by C alone. I couldn’t figure out how to solve this for the life of me, so the workaround was to map CC#02 and CC#03 to “CC Preset Dec/Inc” so at least I could jump from a preset to the next (or previous) using the combined footswitches.

I have tried running both standalone and on my DAW, on a single instance and also along the other Archetypes. In all cases, Nolly and Rabea plugins work as expected, while Plini X behaves unusually, as mentioned above.

I’ve detailed this to Neural DSP Support and am awaiting their guidance, but I’m curious if anyone here has experienced similar issues with MIDI mapping in Archetype Plini X or other newer plugins. My best guess is that this is particular of the “X’ update (for future compatibility with QC). Any insights or suggestions from this community would be incredibly valuable.

Thank you for your time and help!

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I can confirm the same issues with Plini X mapping, it does not react at all to MIDI CC preset. And also, the other like Rabea, Petruci or Mesa Boogie work perfectly fine. I am using the Airstep Xsonic.

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I was really hoping the update ( 1.0.1 (X) - Apr 7, 2024 ) would fix it, but apparently it didn’t.

Also they never replied to the last email I’ve sent (just back when I originally posted this here).

I think I’m going to send a new email and include a link to this thread on it.

If ANYONE has experienced a similar issue with this plugin, please let me know here on this thread (so hopefully the issue is brought to neural’s attention).

Hi, I sent a support request with this issue and I have posted a video (requested by the Neural support team) on Youtube demonstrating the issue with the Archetype Plini X version:

You will see all 3 plugins (Rabea, Petruci and Mesa Boogie) do react to my Airstep CC Preset commands in synch but not the Plini X as if it does not receive anything.

I forgot to mention that the previous Plini (NOT the X) version works as expected (like the other plugins)

Cheers, diego

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Hey Diego!

Thanks for the reply! I have too sent them a video demonstrating the issue, but never got any response afterwards.

like I explained on the original post, E (both A + B, used for page down) is sending CC#02 and F (both C + D, used for page up) is sending CC#03. No other midi message is received by Archetype Plini X apart from those “misread” messages.

The video isn’t objective and clear as yours, but it demonstrates how every single CC message is read by the other plugins but not by Plini X (and also how Plini X “misreads” the combined footswitches).

I wonder if the Gojira X also has this issue (I fear that this could be overseen on the updates, and the issue would “spread” to the next releases if not accounted for right now). If Nolly and Rabea stopped working correctly with midi I simply wouldn’t use the update at all, as I need the MIDI mapping in order to play live.

Hello, I have just tested with the Soldano X version and I get the same issue as the Plini X :

The X versions of Plini, Soldano do not receive the MIDI CC Preset messages from my Airstep MIDI controller. As you can see, the Mesa Boogie plugin (not X) does receive and change the presets with the same settings. Is this a Macbook Pro M3 Max issue ?
I have just got the following support reply: Hello Diego!

This is very strange. From our tests, Plini X 1.0.1 behaves correctly. Meaning that all formats including AU receive CC messages. Also, CC Preset messages can be configured properly on Logic Pro X or standalone:


Solved !!! Thanks to the Neural support, I had to change my CC values to 127 instead of 0, now all plugin versions react the same, the X and the non X versions :slight_smile:
Quote support : “The MIDI implementation is different from our latest releases. Some devices send an OFF message between 0-63 values and ON between 64-127.”

This happens because you are sending CC value 0 instead of 127 (or any other value higher than 0).

Sending CC value 127 fixes the issue reported in this thread.